About Mr Theodore


Mr Theodore is a personal journey for me, starting back in 2014 after I became engaged and discovered that many members of my own family didn't want anything to do with any of the celebrations around our relationship. They wouldn't be attending our engagement party, and we most definitely wouldn't be seeing them at our wedding. Moreover, to top this off, we even experienced discrimination while planning our wedding here in Australia.

It was a tough time for both myself and my now husband, Nick, and it made us want to ensure that discrimination within same-sex wedding planning was out of the picture. For many same-sex couples, the journey of acceptance has been tough, and the last thing we want is for any same-sex couple to experience any form of discrimination around their wedding planning journey. 
I have always had a love for weddings, ever since watching my mother make wedding dresses when I was just 5 years old. So I combined this love, as well as my passion for LGBT rights and created the Mr Theodore wedding directory, a wedding directory that promotes marriage equality-supporting wedding suppliers from all over Australia and a platform to ensure all same-sex couples got treated equally during their wedding planning process. When Mr Theodore first launched in 2015  there was nothing quite like a 'Same-Sex Wedding Directory', and gay weddings were a foreign concept to many wedding suppliers. From there Mr Theodore has grown tremendously, even gaining recognition in some of Australia's leading publications.

However, even though marriage equality is now a reality in Australia, we still have a long way to go as a society when it comes to acceptance and understanding on this topic as we are still fighting discrimination within the wedding industry.

Mr Theodore proudly showcases Australia's largest collection of marriage equality-supporting wedding suppliers, so that same-sex couples can now know with confidence that the suppliers they select from Mr Theodore fully support their love, and will cater for their celebration without any hesitation.


- Alexander Ross

Meet The Husband & Husband Duo


Alexander Ross

Founder & Full-Time Office Guy

It was Alex's love for all things wedding that lead him to Mr Theodore in the first place. An avid wedding enthusiast, Alex's passion for all weddings is the driving force behind the Mr Theodore brand. Having created Mr Theodore together with is husband Nick back in 2015, Alex's passion has seen him totally create Mr Theodore from nothing and continues to grow and push the brand to new heights.


Nicholas Ross

Founder & Full-Time Supporter

An enthusiastic interior design lover, Nick indulges in all things style. With his impeccable design eye and immense attention to detail, Nick is the true style force behind Mr Theodore. As a part-timer in the Mr Theodore office, Nick spends the rest of his days surrounded by high-end designer furniture, helping people create a beautiful home.


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