About Mr Theodore


Mr Theodore is a personal journey for me, starting back in 2014 after I became engaged and discovered that my own family wouldn't be participating in any celebrations to do with my relationship. I didn't want any other same-sex couples to feel pain while planning their special day, so I sought out Australia's best marriage equality-supporting wedding suppliers that would ensure all couples got treated equally throughout their wedding planning process. 

From there Mr Theodore grew and what we are doing is erasing the line between ‘same-sex’ and ‘opposite-sex’ weddings and showing our society that a wedding is a wedding no matter the sexual orientation of the couple. We are also working hard to eliminate the awkward question many same-sex couples feel obliged to ask… ‘This is a same-sex wedding, is that ok?’ 

Whether for themselves or purely out of ethics, same-sex and heterosexual couples alike now have an equally captivating platform to rely on when planning their big day, knowing with confidence that the suppliers they select from Mr Theodore fully support same-sex marriage, and will cater for their celebration without any hesitation.

The Mr Theodore wedding guide has captivated the attention of a number of Australia's finest and most sought after wedding suppliers and is quickly becoming a wedding planning destination for any couple planning the most  special day of their life.

- Alexander Ross