The Bridal Atelier launches on Mr Theodore with their latest editorial



The Bridal Atelier bride is romantic, she distils passion and finesse into her daily life. These characteristics translate spectacularly into a wedding of a similar nature, reflecting all that makes the bride who she is.


Known as the dress haven for the 'modern bride', The Bridal Atelier brings authentic refined elegance, teamed with modern sleekness to the bridal scene. The Bridal Atelier bride has striking style, a mix of classic sophistication, blended with a knowledge of what lives in today's trends. The curated collection of offerings at The Bridal Atelier are of the utmost level of current stylings of the modern day bride. TBA’s curated offering of brands are reflective of a new perspective in bridal – one where the projection of personal style is favoured over tradition. Leading international designers including Rue De Seine, Limor Rosen, Lihi Hod, Lovers Society, Sarah Seven, Anna Campbell, Theia and Prea James each sourced from New York Bridal Fashion Week are what complete the collection of The Bridal Atelier.

Photographed by Alli Oughtred for La Sposa Paridiso, the latest editorial for The Bridal Atelier 'The girl of the moment. The girl in the moment. The TBA Bride' is a clear representation of what The Bridal Atelier is renowned for.
It tells of the TBA bride, and what she encompasses. - Story commences below imagery.

"On the morning of the editorial, our bride is at ease, sipping her takeaway coffee in dresses that don’t quite usually equate to your morning caffeine-hit attire. Yet at make-up call time, she sits atop her stool epitomizing the TBA ‘it-girl’.

As we move through hotel corridors and traipse our shoot team through the lobby, she is the girl that people can’t help but stop and stare at….or maybe that was the fact we are shooting wedding dresses standing atop a water fountain at 10am mid-week!

The editoral develops a narrative, a story of a girl in the moment. A girl who’s look of nonchalance has everything to do with her being captivated in the present and living in every moment. She entangles herself with life, she likes to make a statement. Her wedding day is no different." - TBA

The Bridal Atelier can now be found on Mr Theodore - CLICK HERE

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