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A Lavish Affair - Mr Theodore.

"A good planner will work with you to create a captivating and unforgettable wedding."  The creators of A Lavish Affair, one of Melbourne's renowned wedding planners, give us an insight into the world of wedding planning and share how you can get the most out of your big day. 



Tell us a little about A Lavish Affair… What lead you into the world of wedding planning?

It’s been such a long time since the idea of A Lavish Affair came about in 2001. Gosh, that’s over 15 years ago now! We’ve grown and changed so much over the years however the purpose of our existence has always been the same.  

After planning my own wedding in 1998, I was faced with many challenges and there were some big mistakes made along the way, some unfortunately, that only came to light on the big day itself.  By the time the wedding rolled around I was pooped and so stressed out by the pressures of dealing with it all.  I’m normally a pretty calm, savvy creative and super organised however when it came to planning my own wedding at the time there were so many unknowns and so much to think about.  I quickly learnt that it’s not a step-by-step process where you tick off a simple checklist.  There are so many factors and variables to consider and these are best considered at the very beginning of the wedding planning process.  Who knew!  After the wedding I figured out how useful a wedding planner would have been, how much time, stress and money they could have saved me.

To clarify, I didn’t want to handover the reigns to a ‘celebrity’ planner or supplier that offered to step outside their area of expertise. I would have still wanted to be part of the whole experience. I wished for someone that got to know me, helped me figure out what I wanted (even though I thought I did at the beginning).  Someone out there that would work with me and could help me through the process and highlight these issues before the fact and then take care of it all on the day so that I could just enjoy myself and not have to worry about pulling it all together.  

I made it my personal mission the next few years, which included a two year stint in the USA planning weddings, to create a friendly yet boutique service in wedding planning and styling to help all the real world brides like myself in Melbourne, our flagship store opened in 2004 and we’ve been creating fabulous weddings ever since.

A Lavish Affair - Mr Theodore

What inspires you as a brand? What can brides and grooms expect to see from you?

Our focus has always been exclusively weddings; it’s truly where our passion lies.  We pride ourselves on our friendly demeanor, high level of service and compassion towards what the wedding planning experience can really be like for many couples.  We are inspired always by making the process easier, guiding our clients with their choices, ensuring not only that their day is error free but positioning them in a frame of mind on the day that adds to their experience. Our events not only have to be seen but be experienced to really discover and understand what we mean.

We take our couples on a journey from the moment they step into our offices, we liaise regularly and spend enough time with our couples to get to know what’s important to them, learn what their expectations are and what sort of spend they have in mind for their wedding.  For us the top three of many considerations is having the right budget, choosing the right venue and choosing the right mix of suppliers. Getting any of these wrong will result in a bigger spend, a poor experience and things going wrong on the day.  All these things can be avoided with proper planning from the get go and that’s where we come in.  We have the expertise, the knowledge and know how to minimise these issues.

Everyone wants to know about weddings. What are some of the most amazing weddings you’ve had the privilege of planning?

This is always such a hard question to answer, of course we’ve done many celebrity and society weddings that have been visually spectacular from grand marquees to multiple celebrations across the globe, these are usually attached to a limitless imagination and budget.  

There is something to be said though for what we call ‘real-life’ weddings with ‘real-life budgets’ not all of us want to spend 250K, 500K or 1M on a wedding day.  We want a beautiful event, that is personable, a day that is spent with you’re your family and closest friends, witnessing a special moment and celebrating the night away with you.  Sometimes greater things come from constraints, perhaps all your family can’t travel to an exotic location or if you’re paying off a mortgage or starting into one, spend constraints is a reality.

The thing we love about these weddings is sometimes your forced to come up with creative ways of celebrating; our hardest to date was a very small budget for 150 guests, many compromises were made however this wedding was equally as gorgeous as those weddings with bigger spends.  It was a unique two-hour event with a ten-course degustation of desserts!  This ‘sweet-soiree’ did not fail to impress, as guests departed many were awestruck and one I overheard complimented the bride on her effort and so thankful believing it must have cost the couple a small fortune! I’m more impressed by and proud of these moments than anything else.

What can we expect to be seeing from you this season? What are some of the trends we can expect to see? 

We have a number of gorgeous weddings this season and can see the following for 2016…

For our natural brides we will see more of the boho, organic elements, mix and match furniture, loose flowers, lace or patterned fabrics and wedding dress separates  (top and skirts).  

For our contemporary brides we will see the use of rich colours and jewel tones, rose gold & copper will be the metallics of choice this season.

We are diverse in what we do and recognise that each couple is different and wish to reflect their own styles and personalities in their weddings celebration.  

A Lavish Affair - Mr Theodore

And finally, for all the brides and grooms only just starting out on the wedding journey, what are some important things they should look out for when deciding on whether or not to go for a wedding planner and how to choose one. 

I am the complete hostess when it comes to organising my own personal parties, I did however make the mistake of being the sole driver, organiser and hostess of my own wedding.  This resulted in me not being able to enjoy myself at the event and take it all in…it really is a short time that you get to be a part of and I missed it! I was exhausted by the time the day rolled around and I just wanted it to be over.  With all the things to worry about on the day, it went by in a whirlwind.  Sounds terrible right…I invested so much in the day and I didn’t get to enjoy it!

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be – work with a professional when it comes to planning your wedding day!

Find a long-standing reputable company, one that encourages sophistication and style, whilst remaining true to the love story behind every wedding. This is really important – it needs to be your story!

A good planner will work with you to create a captivating and unforgettable wedding; will take the time to understand your dreams for your celebration. One that will add their own design flair and creative expertise making it beyond anything you could have imagined on your own. They know how create memorable experiences and will work tirelessly to ensure every detail is carefully considered and flawlessly executed on the day.  This leaves you relaxed in the lead up and able to be part of your own beautiful day.

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