Watch your bills disappear before your eyes: Allow us to introduce you to Bill Fairies



We know first hand that planning a wedding comes with financial pressures. As your wedding planning progresses, your day to day life continues and your bills keep coming each month. What if we said we knew of a way that you could keep your own money for the wedding and beyond (think a balmy tropical honeymoon) and that your guests would pay for your day to day bills. Allow us to introduce you to Bill Fairies, Australia’s newest online gift registry.


Weddings have certainly changed over the years, and no longer is it necessary to ask for a list of household goods. More than likely, the two of you have been living together and have already merged your two lives under one roof. The need for a toaster, kettle and new stack of tea towels is not what a modern couple looks for anymore. However, the daily cost of living and those relentless bills can’t be ignored, particularly when you have a wedding to pay for.

This is the perfect time to introduce the Bill Fairies gift registry.

Bill Fairies allows you to set up a gift registry in a couple of minutes. Your guests can give you gift vouchers that can be used to pay over 21,00 different BPAY bills. This frees up your own cash to spend on your wedding celebrations, honeymoon and making your dreams come true. Vouchers start at $15 and go all the way up to $1500. You can now start your married life bill free with a Bill Fairies gift registry.

The process is simple too, simply register your wedding at to create your unique wedding ID. Provide your guests with your ID code to purchase a voucher at the Bill Fairies website. Your gift voucher will be delivered to you by SMS or email and is ready for you to use.

The brilliant thing about Bill Fairies is that you don’t need to wait until after your wedding to receive your vouchers. They will be delivered as purchased so you can start paying your bills before the big day itself.

Say goodbye to a wishing well full of cash that you plan to put towards a house deposit but ‘accidently’ spend it all at the pool bar on your honeymoon. Bill Fairies gift vouchers ensure your wedding funds will be put towards making your life better, long after the wedding day is over.

Not sure how to ask your guests to contribute to your registry? Bill Fairies even provide you with this sweet little poem to include in your invitations:

We’ve been together for so long

Our home is full of frills

Our new life awaits us

And its full of many bills

Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true.

Go to and quote wedding ID: XXXX

Follow the link to Bill Fairies and get set up for your special day… and watch your bills disappear before your eyes.


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