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Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist


Photography: Mark Stanjo | Styling: Bloom Boy

(From the 2017 archives - Pre marriage equality)



His work is bold, it's distinct and he’s certainly pushing boundaries with his photographic images; we say his background in fashion design plays a role in that. This week BLOOM BOY lets us into his world of florals and we discover why he's quickly becoming one of the most sought-after names in town. 

Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT BLOOM BOY? WHEN DID YOU START AND WHY? BLOOM BOY is a floral design studio with a creative and fun outlook.  I focus on florals, weddings and all types of events, and also wearable flowers. I started two years ago when I was at a point where I could either work for someone else or do my own thing.  I didn’t know where I would fit in.  I had a concept for a new type of business and an approach to floral design that I didn’t see anyone else doing so I did my own thing…and I’ve never looked back!

HAVE FLOWERS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR ASPIRATION? Actually no! Doing something creative was always my aspiration and I did a fashion design degree at university.  After graduating I set up my own menswear label and also worked as a fashion stylist in London.  I never really felt fulfilled with fashion and disliked the business side of the industry because I just wanted to be hands on and make stuff.  However, flowers were always at the back of my mind and I always told myself that one day I would somehow work with flowers.  When I moved to Melbourne five years ago it was a fresh start and it was like everything fell into place.  I re-trained in floristry and immediately flowers became the creative outlet I had been looking for.

WHERE DID YOU LOVE OF FLOWERS COME FROM? I think as humans we all have an innate love of flowers.  I grew up in Wales which is a very green place I guess.  Both my dad and grandfather were gardeners and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by flowers.  When I think of summer back home, I think of their gardens, so full and bursting with colour.  Those experiences have to be where my love of flowers started.  I always feel a familiar comfort with flowers and even before I was working with flowers I always had to have flowers at home, and still do actually.

Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist
Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist

WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO FLOWERS? Flowers are such a special medium to work with on so many levels, not just for their visual beauty, for me it’s deeper than that.  I have access to these colours and textures that are alive, not artificial, and I get to make stuff out of them.  The seasonality of flowers is something that I just love.  I can use this flower now and then it’s gone until next year…that’s so special.  Also, there is a strange beauty in making something that I know isn’t going to last long.  My work is enjoyed for a short time and then it’s gone forever. 

I think my initial attraction to flowers was because of how flowers make me feel…happy, comfortable and alive.  Then I realised that I make others feel the same way because of what I do.  With a focus on weddings, events and wearable flowers, I’m usually providing florals for an important moment that’s really special to someone and being part of that is pretty amazing.  Working with a material that generates such a positive emotional response from people is the biggest attraction.

Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist

WHAT MAKES YOU SO UNIQUE AND WHAT IS SO DISTINCTIVELY YOURS ABOUT YOUR CREATIONS? I think my background in fashion design and styling definitely plays a big part in how I approach floral design.  I’m a studio based florist which means I offer an entirely bespoke service.  When a client comes to me, whether it’s a small bridal bouquet or a huge installation, I approach their requirements like a totally brand new design brief.  I work with my clients to produce something fresh and uniquely them.  I’m also really passionate about wearable flowers.  Styling is always at the forefront of my mind when I'm working with flowers and I like to experiment with ways in which we can use flowers to dress our bodies.  It ticks all my boxes…it’s fashion, it’s flowers, it’s fun.  There's nothing better than a good flower crown!  This is an area of my creativity that I love to push the most and I think it's becoming a real focal point of my work.  

At the heart of BLOOM BOY is uniqueness, braveness and a playful spirit.  The distinctive feature of a BLOOM BOY creation is the boldness of the design itself.  When I work, I don’t just put flowers together for the sake of decoration, it’s deeper than that.  I like to experiment with colour, texture and scale.  I’m not afraid of putting things together or treating materials in a way that that may not be the norm.  It’s not in me to just do what other people are doing.  At the end of the day, I have a lot of fun with what I do.  My work is serious and considered but also fun and playful.

Bloom Boy - Mr Theodore - Melbourne Florist

WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR YOUR BRAND AND THE FUTURE OF BLOOM BOY? A lot of people would know BLOOM BOY because of the photographic images I produce, usually featuring models with flowers.  I sometimes get strong reactions to my images, especially because there is a focus on men, and I love that because it means that what I’m trying to do is working.  For me, those images I produce are so important because they are much more than just hot guys with flowers.  There is a generalisation in our culture that flowers are for females, especially when it comes to weddings.  I would love to see males embrace flowers more…it’s become my personal mission!  Since the beginning I wanted my brand to be edgy and I wanted to blend the fashion and floral worlds.  I aim to challenge existing ideas of floral design and bring a new level of creativity to the industry.  That’s definitely the vision for my brand.

Something that I’m personally and professionally holding out for is marriage equality.  When the day comes that I can do florals for a wedding of a same-sex couple that is legally binding will be a dream come true.  From a floral perspective, marriage equality is so exciting because it’s non-traditional in nature and there is an opportunity here to re-write what wedding flowers are.  I hope that when that day comes, same-sex couples will embrace my brand because they’ll get someone who pushes ideas and makes dreams come true.  I would love to be the go-to florist in Melbourne for same-sex couples.


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