How to create a ceremony that is uniquely you: Celebrant Kate's top 4 tips



Creating a ceremony that is a refelction of you as a couple is something so special and unique, and getting it right ensures a wedding ceremony full of personality and emotion. Celebrant Kate shares with us her top 4 tips on achieving the perfect ceremony, one that is uniquely you.


1. Banish the ‘SHOULD'S’!!
This is about not doing things because you think you ‘should’ or because someone else somewhere said you should, or because you’ve seen it before and think you should be doing that too. For example, you might’ve been told ‘you should have bridesmaids’, ‘you should walk down the aisle with your dad’ or ‘you should have a reading.’ There are no ‘shoulds’ when it comes to your ceremony. There are four things you need to have to make it legal and everything else can be whatever you want it to be!! 

2. Ask yourself ‘WHY?’
For every single element and word in your ceremony ask yourself ‘why is that meaningful to us?’ and if it isn’t DON’T DO IT!!
Saying a few generic words, cutting and pasting a ceremony together from Google or your celebrant going on a monologue about ‘love’ that doesn’t actually reflect your love will feel disconnected, transactional and surface-level. This is your one opportunity to create a celebration of your connection with each other with your family and friends. Everyone will walk away from your ceremony on a high, feeling the love and feeling like they’ve just experienced something truly unique if everything in the ceremony has meaning and is authentically you!

3. Find ‘YOUR STORY’
Some couples have an epic love story that’s right there for the telling from the first time we meet. For others, ‘their story’ isn’t so obvious, there’s nothing huge and monumental, but once we start talking about the day-to-day things they do together I get a sense of where I need to take the conversation to learn as much about them as possible without making anyone feel uncomfortable. It feels more like you’re hanging out with a friend having a chat. Then I start to share some ideas about how we bring all these wonderful things about them into their ceremony.
If you want to find your love story you can start by having a chat with each other about how you met, what attracted you to each other right at the beginning, what are the day-to-day things you appreciate about each other and even think about how your friends might describe you as a couple. You can take it anywhere from here. It really just depends on your story, your vibe and what’s important to you. 

4. Get creative!
What goes into your ceremony is only limited by your imagination and what you’re up for!! I love brainstorming with couples and throwing around ideas about how they can celebrate their awesomeness! It’s a very intuitive process because no two couples are ever the same! I love seeing couples get excited about their ceremony during a meeting as we’re creating it and then the feeling on the day when it all comes together is just amazing!!!

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