Translating A Grand, Opulent Royal Wedding Into Something A Little More Achievable


Image by Modern Hearts for Johannes and Francios' Cape Town Wedding

Image by Modern Hearts for Johannes and Francios' Cape Town Wedding

 The wedding of Prince Harry to Hollywood actress Meghan Markle was undoubtedly the most anticipated wedding around the globe for 2018. It was a wedding filled with all the pomp, ceremony, and grandeur you would only expect from a royal wedding.


It is hard not to draw inspiration from such an occasion, with all the images and insights circulating over the television and on social media. If you haven't as yet seen the images, we strongly suggest you do, so that you can understand a little more where we are coming from; has our favourite coverage. 

 Whether you're a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple, the royal wedding of 2018 may have inspired you, but left you a little unsure of how to translate a grand, opulent royal wedding into something a little more 'achievable'. We've taken the most beautiful aspects of Harry and Meghan's wedding and explain how you too can achieve a similar look and feel, as well as which suppliers can help you get there.



The Styling
Firstly, let's start with the obvious focal points; the lush, heavenly foliage that framed the entrance points and the archways within St George's Chapel, which were adorned with an abundance of white peonies and roses.
A look that we have always so spectacularly admired; this grand and powerful floral statement was executed so flawlessly, enhancing the critical features of the chapel, while not taking away from the opulent architecture of the space.
On a smaller scale, this look is easy to achieve, using an abundance of inexpensive foliage. You could use this styling concept to frame doorways, windows and even create a floor garland alongside the edges of a staircase, or on the balustrade, cascading down on either side.
Having an outdoor wedding? Why not create an archway of foliage and flowers for your guests to walk under as they enter your ceremony space.

Pictured above is styling magic by Georgeous Occasions.


The Bouquet
A simple yet stunning statement, proving that you don't need to go over the top with large bulky bouquets. The monochrome combination of flowers is indeed a trend we would love to see moving forward, and easily something you can add to your own wedding; robust reds, only whites, or purely pink.
Did you also now that certain flowers within Meghan's bouquet had been personally picked by Harry. What a beautiful gesture, and perhaps a little tradition we could create within our own weddings.
Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, and if you are two grooms, why not consider a bouquet, why should only brides have the joy of carrying an abundance of natural beauty.

This bouquet is designed by Flowers Vasette.


The Dress
Dress 1 by Givenchy or dress 2 by Stella McCartney? Oh yes, both Meghan's looks where impeccable. Loved it? There was nothing about Meghan's bridal looks that were 'to royal' and unachievable, and both her dress choices are perfect for the modern bride with their minimal aesthetic and clean lines. 

This gown is from the Empire Collection by Chosen.


Oh, That Tuxedo
A military uniform a little too much for your wedding? Yes, we think so too. Yet Harry's second look, a classic tuxedo with a velvet blazer has always been a favourite of ours. Undeniably striking and a style of men's fashion that won't be going out of trend anytime soon. Think a classic black and white tuxedo and bring it up even further with an element of velvet, whether it be a velvet bowtie or blazer. 

This tuxedo is by Calibre Australia.


Timing & Smaller Guest List
Meghan walked down the aisle at precisely 12 pm. For many of you, you might be thinking this timing is a little early. However, we love the idea of an early wedding, after all, it is your big day, the one day you've dreamt about for years, and you want to make the most of every second. An early wedding also allows you to incorporate two receptions and invite those guests that you are unsure of inviting, but kind of need to. Follow your ceremony with a small cocktail hour, which allows guests to congratulate you with a glass of champagne and some finger food. This also then allows you to invite just your nearest and dearest to your 'official' reception... which gets us on to our next point.

For a world-famous royal and Hollywood actress, a 200 person guest list really isn't that big. Coming off my last point, having the 'must invite' guests at your ceremony and post-ceremony cocktail hour, allows you to invite only those that you are really close to for a more intimate style celebration. A sit down dinner for 30? Or call in the DJ, change your attire and opt for a more relaxed approach and dance till all hours of the morning. 

Mr Theodore's wedding consisted of 70 guests for the ceremony and post-ceremony cocktail hour, and 35 guests for a sit down dinner.

4. Cam  Bianca-826.jpg

Overall Grandeur
Loved the overall grandeur of the royal wedding? Take a look at this venue... it instils a little bit of 'royal vibe'. Think high ceilings, luxurious and sophisticated finishes.

This venue is Melbourne's iconic George Ballroom.