Creating Beautiful: these wedding cakes go beyond spectacular



For self-taught pastry chef Linet of Linet’s Beautiful Cakes, her passion for baking and creating beautiful things started from as early on as she can remember. And now, the highly successful wedding cake maker draws her inspiration for her inspiring and spectacular wedding cakes from couture dresses and her love of nature, combining the two, which results in some of the most glorious designs we have ever seen.


This week we sat down with Linet and spoke about all things wedding cake… from how she started, to why she does what she does.

So, who is Linet? I am a self-taught Pastry Chef specialising in custom made Wedding cakes.

I began baking my own cakes at a very young age. Having been born in Southern Chile in a difficult era meant I had to be creative with the little resources available. Some of my fondest childhood memories were of making mud cakes and stacking them, wedding style, in the backyard for hours and picking fresh flowers to decorate them, so you could say I have been baking cakes all my life. There are many people who influenced my cooking journey including my Grandmother who custom made couture dresses, and my Mother who was so resourceful with the little we had. Having grown up with such strong female mentors drove my passion in life to create such works of art. My approach to all that I create comes from the desire to bring a smile to my client’s face.


What is Linet’s Beautiful Cakes most renowned for? Matching couture dress designs to cake decorations and baking the most delicious seasonal cake flavours. My love for flowers and nature translate into the most gorgeous sugar flower arrangements, painstakingly created by hand. Every part of the cake is crafted from scratch, organic eggs, butter, fresh fruit reductions and other fresh local foods are paired with the finest Belgium chocolates, sourced to make decadent ganache, which enrobes each cake tier

I also like to document my creations through my Instagram stories, detailing projects which are in progress, giving viewers an insight into how much work goes into creating a cake from start to finish.

Creating memorable moments is what I am all about.


What lead you into the world of wedding cakes? I have always been very creative and fascinated by beauty, couture, baking and creating. This has organically lead me to specialise in creating Wedding Cakes.

Why did you start your own business? I started my own business as I enjoy the flexibility of running my own show and I love the process of designing, making and decorating. Running my own business also allows me to have one on one contact with my clients.

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What does a typical ‘cake tasting’ through to the ‘finished product’ look like? A consultation is booked in my studio, of which the couple will attend together. We discuss design, ideas, size, flavour, themes etc. On this occasion the couple taste various seasonal flavours from my menu, along with champagne and coffee, as I believe it is a special milestone in the planning of their wedding. This will be followed by a quote and a final design sketch for approval by the couple and a booking will be created for the wedding date. On the week of the wedding I am solely dedicated to creating that one cake of which I will personally transport and set up for the big day.

How long in advance should a couple contact you? A minimum of 6 months is required. This allows me to give your cake my full attention, and to create something that is uniquely you.

Do you offer cakes for a variety styles and budgets? Yes, most certainly. I am happy to chat with all couples to see what I can do for them.


What is your favourite cake to date? Such a tough questions because I love all of my cakes equality as I put 110% into creating these works of art.

Where do you gain most of your inspiration from? The beauty of nature fascinates me and inspires everything I do.

Couture and architecture have a great influence on my work too, as well as my love for using natural and organic ingredients to create happiness for my clients.

And finally, in your eyes, how has the wedding industry changed since Marriage Equality? I have always been passionate about equality for all and the wedding industry now embraces everyone to fulfil their dreams.

You can find more information about Linet’s Beautiful Cakes on Mr Theodore, including how to get in touch with her.