Forethought By Samantha: Wedding Planner Extraordinaire



Forethought By Samantha boasts an extensive range of wedding planning services, from wedding concept design through to full planning as well as wedding day management. We chat with the talented lady who is known as Forethought By Samantha, wedding planner extraordinaire, and get to know her a little bit better.


An easy one first off the bat, who are you and what do you do? I’m Samantha from Forethought! I am a wedding planning offering a full range of services from concept design, planning and management of the couples day. A lot of our couples are international or interstate, so they really need someone on the ground they can trust to bring their dream to life.

How long have you been planning and styling weddings for? I have been working on weddings for over three years; however I launched Forethought 2 years ago this month! I found a real niche in our area for this kind of detail and support, the feedback I received when putting the feelers out direct to couples was so eager and supportive that it was an easy decision to dive into the industry. It has been a super busy and fabulous two years.

What is it about a wedding that you love? I love all of it, honestly, from the first meeting right through to our last – usually over a glass of wine during the night! I guess the best thing is seeing the couple be in the moment and thoroughly enjoying their day without concern for any decision making or troubleshooting. This is wonderful to see as you know they trust you and your team to manage the day on their behalf while they enjoy each other and their friends and families and some fabulous food and wine too!

Why should couples consider a planner/stylist? A planner/stylist can really help if you:

  • Know what you want but are unsure where to start or how to bring it to life

  • Are time poor; you literally do not have time to spend on the detail (it takes a lot of hours to plan a wedding!)

  • Have wedding anxiety! The amount of planning totally stresses you out!

  • Would like a shortcut to the best suppliers for a seamless day!

  • Are having a destination wedding

A wedding planner/stylist really allows your wedding to go to the next level. They’re professionals that understand what is required to create a visually stunning wedding that feels as good as it looks and that is all in the details.

What can couples expect from you that they won’t get from other wedding planners/stylist? Every couple has a different idea for their wedding; how they want it to look, feel, their budget, location, traditions or not etc. I have some great questions that allow me to get right to the heart of what is most important to my couples and I always start the planning process right there! I definitely build a friendship with them and will do anything to ensure their day is perfect.

I just love bringing together a team of suppliers that compliment each other and can work seamlessly on the day. A fluid team that enjoys what they do and is happy to create something memorable and special, not just visually, but emotionally too. I keep suppliers in my pocket that like me, care, these are the people that make a day memorable and full of sentiment and fun too. From photographers, celebrants, caterers, hire companies etc. I will source the team that suits my couples style.

We focus on the couple's expectations for the day which we try always to exceed, however, we also put a lot of energy into the guest experience too. I want everyone to enjoy themselves, even the suppliers and staff, and this comes from an event that is so well planned that the only surprises are from the weather!

Creatively our goal is to ensure that each wedding has something unique and special, whether it be an epic floral installation, beautiful stationery or a divine interactive dining experience. We want to create lifelong memories.

Do you follow styling trends, or do you all the couples to dictate what they want? Sometimes it cannot be helped as you might have a couple that just fall in love with what they see. We always try to put a fresh spin on the trends if we can. I love change, so new ideas created by us or other suppliers is fantastic.

My couples usually come to me because they like what I do, so that’s a good start, they will give me some small details like a colour scheme, for example, favourite flower, the overall vibe they love, and then I will build a concept from this. They trust me to create something for them on paper and then bring it to life on the day.

Where are you based and what area do you service? I am based in North East Victoria, a lot of my wedding are in this area. However, I do travel and have weddings booked from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne right through to the Hunter Valley and Byron. I am more than happy to travel, in fact, I love a new venue.

Outline 3 ways couples can make their wedding planning journey easier…

  1. Of course, number 1 would be hire a planner! More importantly though, hire one at the very beginning before you have booked anything in. They have great tips on sticking to your budget and on booking suppliers that suit you, especially if you are planning a destination wedding and don’t know the suppliers you are booking in.

  2. If you are going to plan your wedding yourself, start with your venue. I always recommend booking your key suppliers as a priority, lock them in – pay your deposits - then start working on your styling concept.

  3. Have a refresher course in Excel! If you haven’t used it in a while, refresh yourself. Spreadsheets are your best friend for maintaining that budget and even your guest list too! Start a spreadsheet – create tabs for each element of your wedding and then you will have everything in one document. We do consulting sessions just to give DIY couples a head start.

We’ve just loved having you on Mr Theodore as you’ve been a massive advocate for Same-Sex marriage, how have things changed for you since the laws have changed? There have been so many changes in the industry and an outpouring of love. What I have enjoyed the most is watching the change in language, it is so easy to be inclusive and kind. It is great to see love and commitment be finally recognised for everyone.

How have things changed directly for me .... two members of my immediate family proposed to their partners pretty quickly after the laws changed – that was super exciting and so wonderful for them and our families, one of the weddings is next week!

I pretty much well up at every wedding when the random person in the crowd lets out a whoop when the line ‘a union between two people’ is said! I look forward to some fantastic weddings…. and there are no questions I will cry!

And lastly, you’ve obviously been involved in countless weddings, what’s the secret to really enjoying your wedding day?

  1. Hire a good team and let them take the reigns. Relax!

  2. Don’t overthink … it doesn’t help.

  3. Stick to your budget …… but buy good champagne.

  4. Dance …. A lot.

  5. Bring flats.


Samantha is ready to assist you in creating the most magical day of your life, click below to get in touch with Samantha.


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