Gabriele & Luca: A Villa wedding in the Italian region of Pulgia


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It was thanks to Facebook that these two charming Italian chaps got together, and after numerous years of online communication, Gabriele & Luca finally made their relationship official. 5 years later Gabriele and Luca married in a stunning Villa in the Italian town of Puglia, a wedding that truly was everything they had ever dreamt of; a reflection of their love story shared with their nearest and dearest.

Location Puglia, Italy | Photographer Giovanni Frandesberg


Tell us when you met? We met on Facebook back in 2011. At the time we both lived in different cities, but Luca was in the process of moving to Milano. We met for a coffee, and straight away I realised he was my Mr Right, but unfortunately, the last thing I wanted at that time was a relationship. After our first coffee date, we didn't see each other for the next 2 years, but we remained in contact via Facebook. One day while we were chatting online, naturally I asked him out for dinner... that was the perfect moment and the beginning of our relationship.

Tell us about the proposal? Luca proposed to me 2 years ago, and he did it in a very unique way. We went for a day trip to the mountains surrounding Milano on our anniversary. We spent the day zip-lining, and after lunch, he proposed. There was an actual camera on the ring case ( you can see the video below) and right before saying “YE"S” I said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" See Gabriele & Luca’s proposal video HERE

When was your wedding? We got married on 09/09/2018, this date seemed a little “calculated”, but it actually just happened because of the availability of the location we chose.

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What was the main influence behind your wedding day? The main influence behind our wedding was “What We Like”. Colours, location and music were all chosen to draw our families and guests into our love story. We got married in an ancient Villa in Puglia, a region close to Lecce, where Luca comes from. There were 200 guests including our families who shared our happiness and celebrated our LOVE. We still don’t have full Marriage Equality in Italy, but we have Civil Union. We wanted something very personal, so we chose and controlled everything. We had a tight time frame because we only started planning the wedding in February.

What is your number one piece of advice for couples planning their wedding day? Our only suggestion is DON’T FOLLOW THE TRENDS, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and draw people into your world.