Meet the sister and sister duo: Giannarelli International



From Melbourne to Florence, this sister and sister duo are taking the wedding and event world by storm.


Mr Theodore chats to Priscilla and Chantel, the two sisters who are definitely making a strong impression in the wedding and event world with their impressive styling and design aesthetic. They’re a strong force, and their commitment and passion is truely evident in all they do.

Give us a little introduction, who are you and what do you do?

We are two sisters who have an obsession with all things design! After living in Florence for 5 years and being the Global Event Managers of a Luxury Brand, it was inevitable to open up our own company and have a base in Florence and Melbourne. We predominately work with private clients and luxury fashion brands on a global scale, and the type of work that we do is styling and planning of luxury events and weddings!

How did you fall into the world of wedding planning?

We always loved weddings and wedding styling since we were young girls so we always knew we would eventually get into this field. As things do, it happened organically and we ended up falling into it by designing and organising a lavish wedding for a high-end client in Australia as they loved the fact that we had never done a wedding before, so we approached it completely with fresh eyes!

Your experience is impressive, the weddings you’ve done are stunning… Tell us a little more about your unique approach…

Starting with luxury fashion brands was actually the best beginning for us because it gave us the ability to design everything from a fashion perspective which was different to the classic weddings we were seeing so regularly. Our weddings and events always have a fun, different, and contemporary aesthetic to them. We believe that if you’re going to have an event, it’s important to do it with a bang, always maintaining that “wow factor"! We would say our approach is cool and chic with high-end elegance. We of course customise each and every event according to the client, whilst always ensuring we have that presence of an edge!

You’re not just in Australia right? where else in the world do you plan weddings?

That’s exactly right! We are Australian born with an Italian heritage. As we lived overseas in Florence for many years, we’ve planned a large amount of events in Europe, which continues on every year when we go back during the most popular months for destination weddings and events which is throughout the summer. To plan a destination wedding you do really need to understand the culture and location of where you’re planning, and of course it helps that we can speak fluent Italian!

What is the most impressive wedding you’ve created?

We designed and planned a destination wedding in Florence which we still believe is breathtaking! It was a 3 day production which included a welcome dinner, pre-wedding brunch and wedding ceremony & reception. Jeff Leatham was the floral stylist and his florals were truly overwhelmingly beautiful with thousands of florals cascading down the tables in a divine Florentine Palace. It was truly an event that we will never forget!

What is the work load like for organising a wedding on the scale you do, how do you manage it all?

We have teams in Australia and Europe which we call upon a project basis. It's important to have a great team when managing a large scale wedding or event so that you can ensure that everyone has the same level of detail that we have, which is truly imperative to what we do. It's really all in the fine details!!

Any big names you’ve worked with?

With Luxury Brands we have worked with brands such as Aquazzura, Giuseppe Zanotti and Bottega Veneta. With Weddings and private clients, we do keep the discretion of our clients therefore unfortunately we can’t kiss and tell ;)

What can couples expect from working with you?

Couples can expect two down to earth sisters that have had a worldly experience and will always give 150% to ensure that the couple’s day is planned and styled to perfection. We always want our clients to feel comfortable with us as we are super easy and flexible to work with!

Aside from planning, what other services does Giannarelli offer?

We offer a range of services, including Luxury Styling and Management for Events, Pop-Up Store Design, Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Interior Design as well as other creative services. We work on a global scale and have organised events and projects in almost every major city in the world.

What size weddings to you cater for? Would you do a wedding with say 30 guests?

Yes of course! We really will always make any clients guest count work and we honestly believe that smaller weddings are more intimate, and guests can really enjoy the fine details and speak to all the guests attending. We have done a wedding of 40 guests and it was just perfection!

And lastly, in your opinion, is there such a thing as a perfect wedding?

Of course there is such thing as a perfect wedding! It’s a personal choice as to what is "perfect” to each couple, although we would say our perfect wedding would be a destination wedding, consisting of an intimate setting with close family and friends. Great views are imperative, amazing food and fabulous music, and those fine, personal details to make each and every guest’s experience interactive and entertaining!

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