Grace Loves Lace Will Open 2 New Bridal Showrooms In Australia


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Cult bridal brand Grace Loves Lace (GLL) - the original disruptors behind the ‘world’s most pinned wedding dress’ - is set to unveil two new and exclusive showrooms in Australia, with breathtaking spaces opening in Melbourne and Perth.


Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems, said the new locations were driven by overwhelming demand and brand loyalty in Australia, and inspired by the company’s Aussie roots.

“We remain a proudly Australian company and have garnered a strong and loyal local following, so it felt authentic to continue that growth with a greater presence in Australia,” said Ziems.

“It’s always been a priority for us to reach women in Melbourne and Perth, who we’ve traditionally served through events, and we are always humbled by the response.

“Melbourne is a global city with a ‘realness’ which we really identify with. It’s synonymous with arts, culture and creativity, and boasts a solid reputation for being diverse and authentic, so it was a natural move to set up a permanent space there.

“Perth has a beautiful coastal vibe which has a nice synergy for us as a Gold Coast brand. GLL has an effortless, natural aesthetic that really resonates with WA women.”

Founded by entrepreneur Megan Ziems in 2010, Grace Loves Lace was born from a mission to revolutionise how wedding dresses were designed and sold through an innovative e-commerce model, with a focus on unique silhouettes, ethical manufacturing and accessible pricing.

The Melbourne and Perth showrooms represent the company’s sixth and seventh showrooms respectively, with a brick-and-mortar expansion including international showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, London and the Gold Coast.

Grace Loves Lace’s iconic gowns and accessories are exclusively sold through its online boutique and global showrooms - the only place brides can browse, try and buy a GLL wedding dress and enjoy the Queensland brand’s award-winning service experience.

“We’re so excited women in and around Melbourne and Perth will now have complete access to the full GLL experience - tailored one-on-one service and private suites in a warm and relaxed space, close to home,” said Ziems.

“The award-winning Grace Loves Lace experience is much more than simply a private appointment - it’s about delivering down-to-earth luxury. From our exceptional service to our showroom fit-outs, we’ve worked hard to craft an unforgettable experience for our brides and we can’t wait to share that experience with women across Australia.”

The new showrooms’ interiors will stay true to the brand’s relaxed and luxurious aesthetic, including crisp linen and leather in neutral tones, with soft gold accents. White-washed walls, timber floors, rustic tables, oversized clay pots and chandeliers complete the look, which Ziems describes as ‘luxurious, warm and inviting.’

“We opened our third US showroom earlier this year with a light-filled, textured space in Dallas, which brides around the world have really responded to,” she said.

‘In many ways, it’s all about creating a truly Australian vibe - laid-back living at its finest. We want customers to walk into a GLL space and feel like they’ve been welcomed into our beautiful home, not a retail store.

“We also make sure we add a unique twist to each showroom, so that it respects its environment and heritage. We’ve focused on the use of pared-back neutral tones and lush texture to complement the buildings’ natural charm.

Grace Loves Lace showrooms are designed to be beautiful, comfortable and versatile - values at the heart of our brand.”

The Perth showroom is situated inside the heritage-listed Town Hall building at 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle. The lofty, white-washed bridal space is scheduled to open mid-August.

The Melbourne showroom - set to open early September - is located at 230 Banks Street, South Melbourne, and includes a stunning rooftop space overlooking Melbourne city.

Appointments can be made online at

Copy supplied by GLL.


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