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Joe Black - Mr Theodore

"Stick with a bow tie when wearing a tuxedo to ensure a classic, sophisticated appearance."



When it comes to your wedding, you naturally want to look your best, so we've sought out expert advice on everything 'Groom' orientated from Joe Black's stylist & PR Ramzy. 

From brawlers to barristers, Joe Black have been tailoring suits for a ranging clientele for all occasions of life and as a prefered supplier of Mr Theodore, we thought who better to take us through the suit selection process.

Joe Black - Mr Theodore
Joe Black - Mr Theodore

With so many suiting options on the market, we can often get confused in which direction to go. Tell us, what are the current wedding trends for men?

Peak lapels are back on trend with a lot of check patterns and contrasting colours. Also, mismatching would even go a long way with the right styling.  Double-breasted jackets are big YES for this season. Classic such as navy, black, or charcoal are simple yet classic colours to add to your wedding day as well as adding small details when it comes to styling to the garment such as lepal pins, a pocket square, tie clip and a watch.

What are some key points to consider before choosing your suit, ensuring your look remains true to you?

First thing's first — go somewhere where you can actually enjoy the experience of shopping. Make sure to get measured, you'll be surprised at what you find out about yourself. Choose carefully what colour scheme as you want to compliment the theme of your wedding. The best suit should fit to your body shape. Always listen to your tailor/styling consultant as they are the best people in the business and they know what they are talking about. Once you set your heart on a suit please make sure to get alterations done where needed. This will make a huge difference to your appearance. Nobody likes a badly fitted suit, so pay attention to details, but most importantly make sure to have fun and stay true to your style.

Mr Theodore - Joe Black

It can make or break a look and many men have no idea which option to go with, how do we choose between a tie or a bow tie?

If you are going to wear a tuxedo, it is best worn with a bow tie. There’s just something naturally sophisticated, elegant and slimming associated with a bow tie and a tuxedo. Sure, you can probably pull off a regular tie with a tuxedo, but how many times have you seen this combination? The answer: probably not many, and there’s a reason for that. Bow ties offer a cleaner, better all-around look when worn with a tuxedo. Stick with a bow tie when wearing a tuxedo to ensure a classic, sophisticated appearance.

But there are still benefits to choosing a tie over a bow tie, one of which is the tie’s slimming effect. Ties create a phenomenon in which the wearer appears taller and slimmer — a characteristic that’s not found in their bow tie counterpart. This is due largely in part to the inherent design of the tie. They are long, narrow up top and wide in the base; thus, creating an optical illusion to the observer. Wearing a tie isn’t going to physically make you slimmer or taller. Rather, it creates an illusion in which you appear taller and slimmer to the observer. This alone is reason enough for some men to choose a necktie when wearing a suit over a bow tie.

In terms of formality, bow ties are more formal than the neck tie. Again, this is why they are typically worn with tuxedos. While there’s no rule stating that you cannot wear a tie with a tuxedo, bow ties are the preferred choice due to their highly formal appearance. So if you’re planning to attend a formal event or party, stick with a bow tie. It’s a classic choice that’s guaranteed to enhance your appearance with a formal look that’s simply not available in ties.

Joe Black - Mr Theodore

In your opinion, what is a more timeless look… Black, Navy or Grey?

A navy suit is a sophisticated look that is perfect year round. The navy suit jacket is also perfect to wear casually with jeans. So I would definitely say Navy. 

Tell us, why should grooms consider Joe Black for their wedding suit?

I would definitely recommend Joe Black for a very simple reason. Joe Black is one stop shop where you can get all your grooms and groomsmen needs. Such as suits, made to measure and of course you can do a little bit of whisky/beer tasting while you get fitted for your dream day.  

Mr Theodore - Joe Black

You can find Joe Black listed on Mr Theodore. To enquire how they can look after you for your special day click here