10 questions (and images) with wedding photographer Kas Richards


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Kas Richards, the Melbourne based wedding photographer known for her candid, yet oh so beautiful and timeless wedding photography chats with Mr Theodore and answers our 10 questions so that we can get to know her just that little bit better.


So, who is Kas Richards?

I am a mother and wife, a lover of beautiful things and a lover of love. When I am not behind the camera, you can find me chasing around my two beautiful children Charlie and Cooper with my husband Sean. If we are not on the beach, at sporting events, concerts or camping, then downtime for myself involves watching infinite amounts of movies.

How long have you been photographing weddings for?

Last month I celebrated my 5th birthday as a wedding photographer, and I have had the honour of photographing over 100 weddings.

What lead you into the world of wedding photography?

My passion for photography started from an early age, I grew up documenting milestones in my life surrounded by family and friends. I’ve always been inspired by the intimate interactions that happen between people - and I believe this lends itself naturally to wedding photography. I find the magic lies in capturing those fleeting moments - whether that be a quick glance or a small hand squeeze.

What is your most favourite thing about a wedding?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring all of your family and friends together to celebrate this crazy, wild love you’ve found within one another. Weddings are reflective of the couples life, which makes them all so unique and special. I love seeing how two people curate all of their favourite things - food, music, rituals to share them with their nearest and dearest. I said earlier that I am a lover of love and I can’t think of another occasion where there is more ‘love in the air’. I’ve always said that if I am going to spend time away from my family it’s to be for something I love.

What style of wedding photography can couples expect from you?

I find weddings to be a big beautiful day made up of smaller stories. My style is to blend into the background and capture these narratives. I like to observe the interactions around me and naturally capture them without interfering. Each couple spends so much time planning their perfect day and I love seeing their visions come to life, it’s my job then to document these details to ensure they never forget how perfectly ‘them’ the day was.

In your opinion, how important is it to have a personal connection with your wedding photographer?

I believe it’s important to have a personal connection with my couples for us to not be strangers on their wedding day. Generally we will be chatting a lot leading up to the big day so it’s really important we have an understanding and synchronised approach but most of all, they feel confident in knowing how I work and what to expect.

What are some of your favourite moments to capture?

The 3 things I have always in my mind while photographing a wedding is to capture; the joy of the day, the romance, and the overall story. I love seeing the first reaction when when the pair first see each other, whether it be at the aisle or a first look. I love family reactions during the ceremony and when it comes to romance nothing beats the portrait session - usually the only alone time the couples get together. I often witness the couples walk down the aisle and it seems a big wave of love washes away all of the nerves and it’s dreamy bliss from this point on.

Do you shoot alone or do you bring someone along with you?

For weddings longer than 8 hours with more than 100 guests I always bring a second shooter, this ensures all of those special moments don’t go undocumented. For smaller, intimate weddings I like to do these ones solo.

On a personal note

Where do you gain most of your inspiration from?

I adore films, I will catch myself observing and appreciating the light and framing the director has chosen to use or the lines of architecture featured in the background. I also gather a lot of inspiration from fashion magazines, I love how innovative editorial photographers are and I’m forever finding new influence my future work.

In your eyes, how has the wedding industry changed since Marriage Equality?

I am a big supporter of equal opportunity, my brother is gay and it feels right knowing that he has the same rights as I do to marry if he chooses. The biggest change Marriage Equality has brought to the wedding industry is more love - which in my opinion is exactly what the world needs...

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