Klara McMurray: A Celebrant That Is Engaging, Involved And Genuinely Interested



We come to you with this question… What do you think is the most important part of your wedding day?


Mr Theodore prides itself on providing you with a guide full of go-to wedding suppliers across all categories that are guaranteed to help you create an unforgettable day. But one of the most important of all these… the Celebrants

Choosing a celebrant that is engaging, involved and genuinely interested in you as a couple is absolutely vital because you should never underestimate to power your ceremony has to set the tone for the entire day (and into your marriage).

Allow us to introduce you to Klara McMurray (AKA The Funky Celebrant). Klara takes an approach that is a little light hearted with an element of humour, but most important she knows how to celebrate the imperfections as much as the perfections, making you feel at complete ease every step of the way to your big ‘I Do’.

So, who is Klara McMurray AKA The Funky Celebrant?

Let me try to answer that one in a list of sorts… I’m a 43 year old Elwood chick, the naughty auntie, the hopeless romantic, the funny friend, the loud friend, the friend that gets nominated to get up and make a speech or sing a song.

I love spontaneous adventures, café-ing with the ladies, my vinyl collection, the odd craft-a-noon and nurturing my healthy relationship with champagne.

Yoga seems to have replaced running, (did I mention my age?) in my bid to avoid the onset of muffin top.

Hang on, is this a dating profile? Sorry… don’t tell my fella!

Why did you become a celebrant?

This is going to sound a bit Negative Nancy but it really came about from attending too many boring, bland, when-the-hell-can-we-get-to-the-bar kind of weddings and thinking ‘I can do better than that!’

My background is in cabaret, events, Emceeing and writing so I already possessed a bunch of skills necessary for the job.

I just had to learn the legal stuff and boom; I’d found my dream job!

How long ago did you become a celebrant?

I never know whether to count the first ‘wedding’ I did in Bali before I was registered, before I had a clue of what I was doing and learnt everything I needed from my old friend Google.

That was over 6 years ago, but then I went straight to training and learnt everything I did wrong.

Needless to say, that first one wasn’t a real wedding, but it was bloody good practice, the couple are still together… and are yet to make it legal.

What is unique about your way of marrying couples?

My main thing is humour.

I get that it’s a big deal, I get that there’s likely been stress in the build-up, I totally get that relationships aren’t always easy and reaching the point that you want to actually marry is… well pretty awesome.

But despite (or more likely because of) these elements, I think the best way we can celebrate is to have a laugh, and a cry and if anything goes wrong… let’s not panic or ignore it, let’s celebrate that too.

After all; we’re human. Let’s rejoice in our imperfections!

Tell us about the process couples can expect selecting you, from initial consultation to wedding day?

Well first up we need to meet (in person or via the net) to ensure that you like the cut of my jib. We’ll also go through all of the elements that make up your ceremony and discuss the bits you want, those you don’t and those you’ve just gotta have as they’re legal and all.

Then most of our process can happen over email/phone and during that time, you’ll have given me the juice to create your story, of which you can choose to see or keep as a surprise on the day. (I highly recommend option 2, its way more fun!)

Then we’ll grab a coffee or wine a week or so out from the big day and discuss everything, clear up any questions and figure out the ultimate plan!

On the day, I’ll be there early, I’ll be primed and I’ve got your back.

Let’s do this!!!!

How long before the wedding should a couple get in touch?

Oh look, it varies and depends on how popular your date is likely to be. The furthest out I’ll go with a booking is 18 months to tie in with the maximum that you can fill in the initial paperwork.

But I’ve had plenty of couples contact me only a month or so out and we’ve pulled together the best weddings ever… as long as it’s more than a month (the minimum legal requirement) we’re good!

Personally, what’s your favourite moment of a wedding?

Well there are many… but maybe the kiss? I try to encourage couples to avoid rushing that moment… to take it all in and enjoy the fact that it’s likely to be the only time in the entire day that will be just you two.

You can cut out the noise of the crowd and your celebrant and everything else and just remember who you’re standing next to… the love of your god damn life!

And I get to watch that moment, over and over again and it never gets boring… it’s incredibly intimate and humbling Every. Single. Time!

In your opinion, is there something as a perfect wedding?

Well, let me just clarify one thing, I don’t believe weddings should be perfect... or perhaps it’s the imperfections that make it indeed perfect.

Perfection is subjective after all.

As far as what could possibly compare to that feeling…?

Perhaps getting on a plane after a stressful few weeks in anticipation of your holiday… or being really hungry and dinner’s ready… or coming home to my love… or when a kid you know catches sight and runs at a million miles an hour into your arms… they’re pretty awesome feelings too.

What’s the most unique element you’ve seen added to a wedding that makes things just that little more personal?

It’s something I’ve only just started to do and was inspired by an incredible celebrant I know from Canberra. (Hannah Noller; you’re a legend!)

I don’t want to give away the details (because, well... it’s a surprise) but all the couple knows is that they’ve agreed the addition of something they have no idea about.

It’s very exciting, and moving and completely unforgettable for everyone involved.

Want to know more, well you’d best just book me and see!

And finally, what’s your favourite piece of wedding day advice?

Take your time. Breathe. Ensure you have some quiet time before it all kicks off. Have a glass of something before the ceremony if you’re that way inclined... not more than 2 though; we’ve got to keep things legal.

Try not to cave to outside pressures from friends and family about what they think should be included or excluded and remember; this is YOUR wedding and it’s about the two of you. Everyone else needs to accept the choices you’ve made and if they’re not happy, direct them to the open bar; that should sort them out!

You can find out more about Klara and get in touch with here via the Mr Theodore directory CLICK HERE and allow her to guide you to and through your ‘I Do’.


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