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"The first dance is an incredibly romantic moment; similar to a couple’s vows; it is a physical expression of the commitment and promises they make."


Whether as a form of entertainment for your guests, or as a token of authentic romance towards your partner, your first dance is a significant moment in your wedding proceedings, just as important as the as the vows themselves. Roshin Taylor started The Next Step Co. to help couples plan their first dance, and help them create a moment that will become a lasting, genuinely emotional memory. 


First, tell us a little about The Next Step Co. Who are you are what do you offer?
The Next Step Co. creates bespoke and personalised choreography for couples on their wedding day.  We endeavour to ensure that the first dance becomes a treasured experience for both the couple and their guests.  We believe that dancing is fun, inspires confidence and that a clever first dance is guaranteed to get the party started.

I developed the Next Step Co. by accident!  I was choreographing first dances for friends as favours while still dancing as a professional and unexpectedly fell in love with it! The transformation I kept witnessing was indescribable: initial nerves and hesitation, the realisation that lessons were genuinely enjoyable and then, on one of the most momentous days of their lives, they were radiating pure confidence and joy! I remember the way their guests were completely captivated, and somehow the room felt like it had exploded with love and happiness during their first dance. I knew at that moment that this was what I wanted to do forever. 

With a little more research into what was actually available to couples, I realised there was a void in the industry. I could not find a company that was actually creating and curating the first dance around the couple and not the other way around. 

What is unique and special about a first dance? 
The first dance is an incredibly romantic moment; similar to a couple’s vows; it is a physical expression of the commitment and promises they make to hold and support each other throughout their married lives. It is also a joyous celebration of love as the newlyweds take their next step, united as one. The modern-day first dance has no rules and should reflect the couple's style and personalities.


Why is it important for couples to get professional dance lessons?
Having lessons is basically like having a guided conversation with each other. Just one single well-prepared lesson can ensure you are both on the same page and feel confident busting a few moves together.

Dance lessons are also one of the more fun activities when planning and preparing your wedding.  While some decisions can be stressful, practising your dance always has the couple smiling and giggling, and sometimes the chemistry is so electric that they get reminded of the excitement for their big day!

Lastly, NEVER underestimate the tone the first dance can set for the rest of the evening’s celebrations. With even just a little guidance, a simple sway on the spot can turn into treasured, beautiful and enamouring moments; and will draw everyone onto the dancefloor for the rest of the night. Time and time again, my couples tell me that their first dance was THE MOMENT where the guests knew it was time to party!

What about same-sex couples, can you choreograph the more traditional male/female dances routines into male/male or female/female?
Most definitely. I believe that dancing can often express what words cannot.  An inexplicable desire to be close to and treasured by your best friend, regardless of your gender.  When choreographing your first dance, there are no rules and no guidelines to follow!  Sometimes, dancing basically comes down to Follow and Lead. Couples could choose which partner will lead/which will follow but most decide to change it up throughout the dance. As a professional dancer, I have worked/trained in many styles of dance and do not approach your first dance from a traditional ‘ballroom’ background.  I am more than thrilled when couples want to begin their dance slow but then move into some fabulous synchronised moves!  Every couple is unique, and we endeavour to ensure your first dance is a reflection of you both. As we personalise choreography for each couple, we prioritise that they feel comfortable and confident.  


With so many styles of dance, what is the best way for couples to decide in which direction to head?
The song choice very much dictates the style of the first dance. You will find your style always follows on from the music couples choose, rather than the other way around. Again no one should feel they have to do a traditional waltz; the song should be unique to them and personal. Some factors to keep in mind is your attire and if it will potentially restrict your movement or planned lifts!  Also, your overall styling/venue/vibe and where the first dance fits into the night’s celebration schedule will also suggest the choice of direction and choreography.  There is no right or wrong song choice but having some lessons will ensure your first dance remains one of the highlights of your day!

How long before the wedding should a couple start practising?
I recommend couples have their final lesson a fortnight out from their wedding day to keep it fresh in their minds. Working back from there ideally one a week to keep momentum in learning and building it together is best. I often contact your Professional Photographer and Videographer who then remind you to have a quick practice by yourselves while you have your portrait photos.  It gets you both giggeling after your emotional ceremony, the Photographer captures some STUNNING moments, and you get a quick run through before your first dance standing ovation!


What makes The Next Step Co. different to other First Dance companies?
The Next Step Co offers a boutique experience like none other in the industry, and we pride ourselves greatly on this. With dance teachers that come to you, your in-home lessons are private and entirely designed around you. We understand that no two couples are the same and strive to deliver a wedding dance that is perfect for your unique celebration.

We are there to guide you on every aspect of your wedding dance and not simply teach you how to move your feet. Our services extend to music editing and practice notes to make your first dance experience seamless and truly special.

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