Meet The Game Changers


Floral work by Melanie Stapleton of Cecilia Fox. 

Floral work by Melanie Stapleton of Cecilia Fox. 

Meet the wedding game changers, and take onboard their wedding planning advice.


From celebrants to photographers, florists, stylists, and designers, these game changers are constantly pushing the boundaries to bring you the utmost in weddings, and in turn, helping you create a wedding that will be truly unforgettable. 

Their work is inspirational, something to be celebrated, and they are certainly setting the way.

We’re introducing you to 5 of the wedding industry's game changers; those doing things a little differently, and they are here to offer you some wedding planning advice, possibly the most valuable advice you will ever receive for planning your big day. 


Erin & Tara  
Wedding Photographers

For many wedding photographers, nothing is more heartbreaking than the thought of couples spending months planning the wedding of their dreams – only to feel like they’ve missed out on the photography of their dreams!

Call us biased, but we think it’s a detail worth nailing (and loving) more than anything else you invest in. Because besides the marriage itself (& the rings on the fingers) it should be the longest lasting element from that spectacular day. The thing that helps you viscerally re-live all the other elements, for years to come.

So how do you nail the decision? Who is the perfect photographer to document your day? Consider this…if you commissioned a self portrait or a painting of your favourite landscape, you would surely choose an artist whose style you absolutely loved and were instinctually drawn to. Which is a subjective decision and attraction.

What makes a great painting? What makes a great photograph? A better question to ask yourself is ‘what do I feel when I look at it?’. Does it resonate? Does it move me? Am I drawn in? 

You should be.

Because ultimately, wedding photography isn’t just about documenting the myriad of beautiful details or major moments…the dress, the flowers, the first dance. It’s about capturing how you felt in that dress or the energy of the room during that first dance. It’s the look on your grandmothers face as you walk down the aisle or the stolen glimpses between you and the love of your life, immortalized through print.

It’s an entire portrait of a day, painted from beginning to end with expressions, emotions, movement, texture, colour and light plus the documenting of all those details. So when you look at it, more than simply remembering your day, you remember how you felt on that day. 

Find a photographer who draws you in this way (through their lens), and you’ve found your photographer. 

Melanie Stapleton
Florist Of Cecilia Fox

At Cecilia Fox we believe that flowers hold a unique power. The emotion and the mystery that they bring is intoxicating, and their inconsistencies, imperfections and surprises remind us that we are all human. When choosing a florist for this most intimate moment and perhaps the party of a lifetime, be sure to follow your heart. Find a florist whose work resonates with you and that you can have a genuine relationship with. This part of wedding planning should be joyous, inspiring and grounding.

Georgie Rayner
Founder and Director of Georgeous Occasions

Like any relationship, the one with your prospective or existing Wedding Planner should be an easy and fun one.  It is our job (and responsibility) to always be a step ahead.  It is our job to get to know you, your likes and dislikes.  It is also, very much, our responsibility to manage your expectations along the way.  Regular communication is a must, but be honest with your planner as to the level of regularity you would like and expect.  It is a (good) Wedding Planner’s role to have genuine love and passion for what they do. To share their inspiration and thoughts along the way.  You should never have to ask for a thing.  We are here to think for you and to take the stress and angst out of the planning process.  It is a mutual journey…a journey with privilege on our behalf.  To be able to share one’s wedding “experience” is special…very, very special.

Kyha Simpson
Founder and Creative Director Of One Day Bridal and Chosen

Have fun! This is such an exciting part in planning your wedding and it is not supposed to be daunting or stressful. Some ladies find it difficult when they start looking to early or try on too many gowns and get confused. There are so many beautiful wedding dresses out there but stick to what you love. It’s also important to think about to your personal style.  You want to wear something you are going to feel beautiful in – don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. 

Sally Hughes
Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

If you’re a newly engaged couple, start planning your wedding as soon you can!  Most couples want to be married on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in the late afternoon, so competition for those dates/times is fierce.  Popular Celebrants are usually snapped up 12-18 months prior (or 28 months in advance if you consider the December 2019 booking I took today), so book first, relax later.

Consider your choice of Celebrant carefully.  The role of a Celebrant is so much more than simply turning up for 30 minutes and reading from a sentimental script.   Your Celebrant is the opening act for your day, so the bar must be set high.  Search for a Celebrant with a winning personality and the confidence to command a crowd.  A great Celebrant should be able deliver a killer one-liner and have your guests in stitches, she should be able to change gears and speak with sincerity and sensitivity when appropriate and she should have the ability to read a crowd and think on her feet when something hilarious or not-so-hilarious happens. Search online and ask industry folk to recommend someone who is engaging (steer clear of those who favour the head-in-the-book style of delivery), someone who is professional in their approach and someone who won’t put on a strange voice on your wedding day (You-Tube will help immensely here).  Oh, and try not to get hung up on price.  Celebrants are one of the least expensive suppliers you’ll engage on your big day, but arguably, the most important.

Each of these game changers can be found on Mr Theodore. 

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