Wedding ready hair with Mr. Smith


Mr. Smith for Mr Theodore

“I think natural hair is so refreshing and definitely the direction we’ll see more and more brides heading.”
Mr Theodore chatted all things ‘Hair Care’ with the man behind luxury hair care products Mr. Smith.


Let’s talk hair; actually, lets talk wedding hair, for both brides and grooms. Good hair obviously comes down to using good products. Talk us through how Mr. Smith suggests getting your hair in immaculate condition in preparation for your big day?

For me, it is all about the stylist you work with and products that you use.  I think most people have moved beyond that “big wedding hair” look and are now after a more natural and wearable look. Something that feels authentic. The Mr. Smith products are perfect to achieve a natural look, as they are designed to maintain a natural fluidity throughout the hair. 

On the big day, I would definitely suggest washing and conditioning with our Mr. Smith Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, then adding The Foundation to “prep” the hair prior to styling. It’s the perfect preparation to get your hair ready to be styled for a special occasion. 

How long prior to the wedding would you recommend brides and grooms commence undertaking a good hair care routine?

I think your hair should always be kept in good order – that starts with a good shampoo and conditioner.  Good shampoo and conditioner will remove product build-up and oil from the scalp, which will give the hair a great starting point to add moisture, a treatment or product. 

For the gents, I would recommend our Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner. Keep is simple and fuss free.  Just how guys like it, right? 

Mr. Smith prides itself as being a refined luxury hair care product range. Talk us through the Mr. Smith range and what your recommendations are for the ultimate pristine wedding ready hair.

Without a doubt, the Mr. Smith Masque (which we’ve just released) would have to be one of my favorites – it leaves the hair moisturised and feeling luxurious, without weighing it down.  Add 1-2 pumps of the Serum for a beautiful shine that will look amazing on your special day.

Let’s touch briefly on hair trends for weddings, brides in particular. What is your forecast on the season ahead and what should brides consider when deciding on their final hair style?

I think it is all about effortless hair and feeling comfortable.  You don’t want your hair looking like it is being weighed down by a heap of product or have hair that doesn’t move naturally.  I’m bored with the “mermaid hair” look, which is why I think natural hair is so refreshing and definitely the direction we’ll see more and more brides heading. 

Let’s hear it… Your ultimate favourite Mr. Smith product? Why you love it and what we can expect from using it? 

I would have to say the Crème – it is perfect for both men and women.  It is just so versatile: it can be used to blow-out with, manage frizz and activate curl.  It leaves the hair with a beautiful sheen and it is my go-to product every day! 

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