Now this is the man you'll want for your 'I do'



Meet Oliver Thomson. He is a Sydney based wedding celebrant with an incredible drive and passion for celebrating the love story of all couples. He approaches wedding ceremonies with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the focus is solely on your story, told in a way that is exactly you. Oliver sits and chats with Mr Theodore so that you as a couple can gain an insight into the way this marvellous man works.


Tell us a little about yourself… A passionate guy with a zest for life and a keen eye for finding the fun in just about every situation. I grew up on the Gold Coast but could not learn to surf or get a decent tan, so I decided to move to Sydney. I was attracted to the bright lights and brighter opportunities.


Why did you become a Celebrant? I started out in the wedding industry as an MC and facilitated a bunch of weddings until, after going to too many boring ceremonies, decided that I could provide couples with a more modern, fresh and engaging presentation. This was the basis of getting into it. I thought I’d only do a couple before I’d decide that it wasn’t for me. But I couldn’t be more wrong. Each ceremony I create and each couple I meet gives me more of a desire to find unique ways of celebrating all couples’ stories. They’re all unique and their ceremonies should be too!

How long have you been a Celebrant for? Since 2014, 5 years now. - Victoria+Joel-339.jpg

Each celebrant is known for their unique take on a ceremony, what kind of ceremony are you known to deliver? Before I was an MC, I was working full time in musical theatre as an actor. I am still doing some acting here and there so you may recognise me from certain liquor advertising or fast food commercials. As an actor, there are so many skills and experience I can bring to each ceremony. It’s the unscripted, organic moments that make my ceremonies. I encourage family and friends to be part of the ceremony and ensure they’re engaged. As a seasoned performed and presenter, I am able to deliver something personal yet remain very present and observant. These skills aid towards creating the most unique and memorable ceremonies in the world.

What’s your favourite piece of advice for newly engaged couples just starting out on their wedding planning journey? I would suggest to ensure you have the right people in the right roles so that you can enjoy the process. Don’t try to have a ‘perfect’ day. A perfect day is full of last minute changes of plan and that’s OK. You don’t want your wedding day to be a perfectly orchestrated event. It needs to be organic, fun and memorable.

You’re a popular man, how long in advance should couples get in touch with you so that they don’t miss out? As soon as possible. I take bookings 18 months to 2 years in advance.

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Do you have any favourite weddings? I do! And they’re all very different in style. For me, the ceremonies that stand out as most memorable are not the ones with the most expensive venue or cake, they are the ceremonies that truly reflect who the couple are. A musical couple who surprised their crowd with a ukulele duet was amazing but wouldn’t suit everyone, or an intimate, quiet elopement on a rock face overlooking Bondi Beach.

What is the most unique element you’ve seen added to a wedding ceremony? There are so many things that we can create to truly reflect a couple and what their life has been like. I often talk to my couples about what they want to get out of the day and then we talk about things we can incorporate to make it personal. For example, a quick dance contest to decide the 2 witnesses is not going to suit all couples but for one particular couple, it was spot on.

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And finally, what does marriage mean to you personally? Marriage is the ultimate in commitment between two people. The commitment happens long before a wedding day but a marriage is a symbol of solidification. It’s not for everyone and I respect and appreciate that too.


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