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After playing with the idea for a big wedding, Michael and Jarrad decided to strip those plans right back and opted for a more intimate celebration, one that was more reminiscent of them as a couple (and similar to the iconic Sex and the City wedding of Miranda and Steve, as the grooms tell us).

Venue The Royal Botanic Gardens and The Botanical | Photographer I Got You Babe Weddings


How and when did you meet?

M - We met in Perth. Jarrad had relocated home to Perth from Melbourne and I was working in Perth but originally from Adelaide. We met within two weeks of the relocation!

Tell us a little about the earlier days of your relationship...

We met for a few drinks in Subiaco and really hit it off. We couldn’t get enough of spending time together and it wasn’t long until we moved in together. We have moved interstate a few times together, travelled a bit and have always had full support of friends and family.

What does Marriage mean to you?

It means a commitment to wanting to share your life with that one person who you can be yourself around and who you love unconditionally.

Who proposed and how?

J - Michael proposed the morning of my 30th birthday celebrations. After unwrapping my gift, Michael said there was one more present. I unwrapped the box and saw the ring. I looked up and Michael said ‘will you marry me?’. It was an instant YES but a state of shock throughout the day as I wasn’t expecting it! I had plans to do it later that year when we went to Fiji.

When did you get married?

April 12th 2019, 5 years to the day we met.

What was the main influence behind your wedding day?

We had a big day planned and had started locking everything in, but it all started to feel overwhelming. We decided to strip it right back, similar to the low-key wedding seen on Sex and the City with Miranda and Steve! Lol.

What was the most important thing to you surrounding your wedding?

Having the close family and friends around us on the day and keeping it simple.

Where did you find the bulk of your inspiration?

J - Michael was the one who had the ideas for the styling of the day and had the vision for the reception. We both enjoy greenery so that wasn’t a hard decision for us.

How did you choose your suppliers?

J - Michael found Kate Hill Flowers on Instagram, as well as our photographer! Aside from them, Jarrad used to work with the celebrant!

Any standout suppliers?

Kate Hill was so welcoming and made us feel very special on the day which was great! All were great but Kate is from Adelaide and had a similar concept with her wedding so I think that helped her with the vision for the flowers.

Did you find it difficult to translate more common traditions into a ‘same-sex’ wedding?

We were a little nervous about being ‘on show’ so we didn’t have our parents walk us down the aisle. We wanted to walk down together. We had a small wedding party and speeches were had. We chose not to have a wedding cake or have a first dance as it didn’t feel like something we would do as a couple.

What was the most difficult thing about planning your wedding?

It was actually pretty straight forward once we switched to the low key wedding, the difficult part was having to let those know who received a save the date that we had to uninvite them. That’s never easy.

Where did you spend your honeymoon?

The Maldives, it was amazing.

And finally, any advice for other couples planning their day and finding it difficult to navigate the journey?

Don’t let other people's expectations influence the wedding day, plan a wedding that you want and feel comfortable with and those who love you will understand. That’s really important.


Venue The Royal Botanic Gardens and The Botanical

Photographer I Got You Babe Weddings

Suits MJ Bale

Flowers Kate Hill Flowers

Celebrant Adrian Spadafora


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