Glenn and Shane



Paying homage to their love for the outdoors, Glenn and Shane choose picturesque Mt Duneed Estate for their Spring wedding, were they married outdoors in the shades of the Olive grove.

Photographer Be Here Be Now | Location Mt Duneed Estate


How and when did you meet? We had initially met online but quickly realised that we lived only about 500m from each other so thought it was easier to meet at the local pub for a beer. Glenn decided it would be a good idea to bring his best friend and housemate Emma along. Emma proceeded to interrogate Shane for most of the ‘date’ with hundreds of questions, but now we are all great friends and can laugh about it. We were living together weeks later and haven’t been apart since!

Tell us a little about the earlier days of your relationship? We have always been extremely lucky to have the love and support of our friends and family. Since the day we met we have been completely inseparable and have been able to do what we want without any hurdles. We are extremely lucky to have this freedom!

What does Marriage mean to you? Marriage is a very special thing. It’s about spending your life with your best friend and supporting each other during the highs and lows. It’s the most important commitment you’ll ever make, and once you’re married you have a sense of pride in being a part of something big. We didn’t know if marriage was something we would ever be allowed to do in Australia, so it felt even more special when we did it!

Who proposed and how? We both wanted to be proposed to, so when marriage equality finally happened, it was the beginning of a 6 month stand off waiting for the other to bend the knee. We were on a camping holiday in the picturesque hinterlands near Noosa, without a soul around for miles, Shane romantically removed Glenn’s sunglasses to look into his eyes and say “Would you like to marry me?” The rest is history. This wasn’t the first proposal, Shane had already said no to Glenn a few months earlier thinking he was joking!

When did you get married? Saturday 17th November, 2018.

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What was the main influence behind your wedding day? We wanted a masculine wedding which showed off the things we love; the outdoors, good food, and great wine!

What was the most important thing to you surrounding your wedding? Being surrounded by the people we love the most, and having a big fun party atmosphere. We didn’t want to get bogged down in formalities and traditions.

Where did you find the bulk of your inspiration? Instagram, and many google searches, and a lot of good advice from our stylist Jess.

How did you choose your suppliers? Recommendations from friends, and our venue Mt Duneed Estate.

Did you find it difficult to translate more common traditions into a ‘same-sex’ wedding? No, we decided from the start that we wanted a formal wedding without the burden of sticking to strict tradition. All of our suppliers were excited to help us create something unique to us and being a same-sex wedding only added to the excitement and energy that was put into the planning of our day.

What was the most difficult thing about planning your wedding? Choosing our outfits!

Any advice for other couples planning their day and finding it difficult to navigate the journey? Don’t over complicate it, and rely on your suppliers advice as they do this for a living! Find a good photographer as they will be with you all day, helping capture your journey. Take the time to get to know them as you need to be comfortable with them telling your story.


Photographer Be Here Be Now

Venue Mt Duneed Estate

Suits Calibre & MJ Bale

Planner & Stylist Jessica Alderton Events

Cars Samba Kombi Services

Cake The Barrabool Baker

Celebrant Matt Finch