Ruffles and Bells: Fulfilling your wedding day dream



Awe-inspiring designs of breathtaking beauty, that's what the team at Ruffles & Bells have become known for; they are an exceptional team bringing your wedding dream to life in a modern, diverse and romantic way.

Eliska Lam is the driving force behind the wedding planning and styling company and took the time this week to chat to Mr Theodore about Ruffles & Bells.


Tell us a little about Ruffles & Bells... Ruffles & Bells is a Melbourne based wedding styling and planning company born from my obsession with weddings and beautiful things. I know every couple has their own vision of how their wedding day would be and I love being part of the journey to make it happen.

A word of advice for newly engaged couples… Stay true to yourself.
— Eliska Lam - Founder & Creative Director of Ruffles & Bells

We are a team of designers and planners who love bringing beautiful moments to life. We are storytellers who live to tell your story.

At Ruffles & Bells, we believe that a wedding is an experience. It’s an experience for the couples, for the guests and even for all the vendors involved. We make sure we get to know our couples so we can choose every element for the wedding based on their personalities. No element is selected randomly. That way we know that every part of the wedding helps tell the couples’ story to their guests.

How and when did you start? I still remember that day I was first introduced into the world of weddings. I was still working as an IT programmer 9 years ago, and I happened to stumble upon Style Me Pretty (US wedding blog). It sounds cliche but that day felt like something ticked, and I was instantly hooked. Ruffles and Bells started as a blog back then to inspire others…just because I wanted a space for people to see what I fell in love with. That same year my friend was getting married, and I volunteered myself to plan the whole thing. I had no experience whatsoever, so I went deep into research and learned everything myself. That was the first wedding I have ever planned. It was intense, but I had so much fun I decided to officially start a wedding planning service. Before I knew it, friends were referring me to their friends, and it kept going from there.

9 years after, I still am in love with weddings. The whole journey is something really special to be a part of. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you have created this connection and that they trust you and your team to play a role in one of the most important days of their lives.

What style are you uniquely known for? Modern romantic and diverse in style. We love how our couples are all different in personality which makes all our weddings unique from one another. We get really excited knowing that we can create new concepts every time and every concept is catered for the couple.

What is your secret to the perfect wedding? People say we eat with our eyes first. I believe it’s the same thing for weddings.

For most weddings, it is a one-day affair and to have so many things happening in one day can be overwhelming. But if the day is styled and planned to create an experience and stimulate every sense of everyone attending, it will last as an amazing memory no one will forget. This is precisely what we try to achieve with every wedding that we style.

One word of advice for newly engaged couples… Stay true to yourself. This applies to the whole wedding planning journey. A stylist can help you understand and find your style, but it’s also important that every couple sees the importance of this. At the end of the day, your wedding is about you, so every element chosen for the day has to be a reflection of who you are as a couple.

And finally, your predicated wedding trends for 2019? We would definitely see more fun with colours this year. We love how couples are becoming more adventurous. The tonal style weddings would still be staying but with more vibrant colours like terracotta and pinks which we are super excited about.

You can find Ruffles & Bells on the Mr Theodore directory by clicking HERE. Send them an email and see how they can help you bring your dream wedding to life.


Photography By: Sonja C Photography, All That’s Captured & Adrian Tuazon.