Eddie & Adam's Melbourne Engagement Celebration



"Eventually, on one champagne-fuelled summer evening, we confessed our love for each other."


It was in the middle of the Coral Sea where Adam and Eddie decided on forever and what made this one particular Cruise a trip to never forget.
With both sets of parents present, Eddie lured Adam to the front of the ship where he got down on one knee and asked that all important question - Will you marry me?

The boys decided on Melbourne's Alto Event Space for their engagement celebration, an inner city space which combines a raw urban aesthetic with a classic contemporary edge.

It was the warm summers evening teamed with romantic candlelight, elegant florals and smooth saxophone tunes that made for an unforgettable celebration, an evening that was an accurate representation of the boys' style and true being.

Adam and Eddie, from us at Mr Theodore - Congratulations... we can't wait for the wedding.


Photography: Dave Le Page  |  Venue: Alto Event Space, Melbourne

When and where did you meet?
We first officially met 10 years ago, back when Adam was working as a hairdresser. Eddie came into the salon to be a hair model. After then, we became really close friends, and eventually, on one champagne-fuelled summer evening, we confessed our love for each other. 

How long have you been together?
We have been together for 9 years and engaged for 1.5 years. 

Who proposed and how?
We were on a cruise ship, and somewhere in the middle of the Coral Sea, Eddie lured Adam to the front of the ship after a romantic dinner. As Adam reached the front deck of the ship, he walked around the corner where Eddie was waiting, down on one knee with his hands held out. 

What was the most romantic thing about the proposal?
Family is really important to us. On this trip, both our parents were with us, which meant that were able to share in the celebration with them for the rest of the trip.

Tell us a little about the engagement party, what was the overall vibe and aesthetic you wanted to create?
The contemporary urban aesthetic of the venue, mixed with candlelight (a lot of candlelight) orchids, native and tropical foliage embodied what we love, and where we call home. The smooth sounds of the saxophone in the background, delicious food and French champagne expressed our tastes, and the after 9:00 pm dance floor hits represented our favourite past times with our family and friends. 

When and where was the party?
It was a beautiful summers’ evening on January 6th, 2018. Our venue was the ALTO, which is located on the top floor of the GPO building, in the heart of Melbourne CBD. 

What did you wear and who were the suits by?
We wanted to look the part, without looking overly formal (We needed to save that for the wedding!). We both decided to wear a similar outfit, with different colour suit jackets and bow-ties. 


Suit Jacket: Jack London


Bow Ties: Feathered Peacock by Bow-Selectie

Pants: Jack London

Shoes: Jack London


Suit Jacket: Faith Zeyrek


Bow Tie: Feathered Peacock by Bow-Selectie

Pants:  Jack London

Shoes: Nukte 


Venue: Alto Event Space
Photographer: Dave Lepage
Florist and Styling: Flower Jar 
Entertainment: Top dog Entertainment
Catering: Damm Fine Food