Happy 1 year since Australia Voted ‘YES’ to Marriage Equality


Photo by:  Olivia&Thyme

Photo by: Olivia&Thyme

1 year ago today 7.8 Million Australians said ‘YES’ to Marriage Equality, and if you were anything like me, then you would have cried and cried and cried.


It was a truly emotional day back in November 2017, filled with so much happiness. Knowing that the majority of residents in your country love and support you was truly an unforgettable feeling, a feeling like no other.

I remember exactly where I was on this day when the Marriage Equality postal vote results were announced, I was sitting on a train coming back to the office from a meeting. I just remember not being able to control myself and I cried, there, in a train carriage full of people, I was overcome with such joyful emotion and relief and the only thing I could do was cry.

Today in celebration, we look back at some of beautiful and inspiring Australian couples that celebrated and featured their wedding on Mr Theodore in the time since same-sex marriage become legal here in Australia.

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