Shadowfax Winery: Perhaps the ideal place to hold your wedding


Photo By: Tori and Sal

Photo By: Tori and Sal


This chic and stylish boutique winery located just a 30-minute drive outside of Melbourne may be the ideal place to hold your wedding.


Allow us to introduce you to Shadowfax Winery. Located just outside of Melbourne in the heart of Werribee Park, this boutique winery not only boasts handcrafted, high-quality wine, but also an ideal setting for your wedding.

The property prides itself on its manicured gardens and lush surrounds, as well as the impressive architecturally designed building, which all together create a contemporary and relaxed wedding setting.

Start your wedding day at Shadowfax Winery by holding your ceremony in the gardens, followed by an incredible feast prepared just for you and your guests using only the finest local produce and an abundance of Shadowfax’s handpicked vegetables and herbs from their very own garden.

Tie this all together with the handcrafted wine Shadowfax prides itself on, and you have yourself a beautiful wedding.


Get in touch with the Shadowfax team and allow them to help you plan your special day.

You can also find Shadowfax Winery on the Mr Theodore directory.


Images 1, 3 6, 7, & 8 by Tori and Sal.