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If you're a couple seeking a beautiful and stylish wedding film, there's no going past Soda Films. As leading wedding videographers across Australia, we can guarantee that you will walk away with a wedding film that was made just for you, telling your story, naturally.


We've said it before, and we'll say it again, having a wedding film is one of the most significant and valuable investments you'll make when it comes to your wedding day. A phenomenal wedding film enables you to relive those moments of your special day over and over again, it allows you to see moments that you weren't aware of, and most importantly, you'll be able to witness all the emotions from all your friends and family that make your wedding so unique.

In our opinion, what makes for the most spectacular wedding film is when the natural unfolding of the day is captured, and this is something Soda Films pride themselves on. They take a non-directional approach, allowing things to happen as they do and being there to candidly capture these moments. Soda Films believe that "capturing the emotions you experience on your wedding day, as well as the excitement and happiness of your family and friends is an ART FORM."

Soda Films are based in both Melbourne and Sydney, but they are also the destination specialists for wedding films & videography, leading to the launch of Soda Films for weddings in Europe. No matter your location, Soda Films will ensure you get only the best wedding videographer to capture your special day and to create lasting memories for you.

Soda Films has been operating for close to 20 years and is confirming year after year its leading status as Best Wedding Videographers in Sydney and Melbourne.

Ready to take the next step, get in touch with team at Soda Films and allow them to capture your special memories. CLICK HERE.


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