5 Makeup Tips Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Know


"How you look after your skin leading up to the day can (and will) make all the difference."  


Every bride-to-be wants to ensure that they look their best on their wedding day so this week Mr Theodore chatted with renowned makeup artist Sophia Pafitis, she gives us her top 5 makeup tips every bride-to-be needs to know.

Image By:  Jonathan Wherrett

1. Complexion
Whilst it’s true that a makeup artist's job is to create a flawless, glowing complexion - how you look after your skin leading up to the day can (and will) make all the difference.  
Dry, textured skin is the worst possible canvas to start makeup on. The application of foundation over dry/flaky or congested/textured skin is aging, unflattering, distracting – and everything else you don’t want to dull your radiant glow on your wedding day. 
To make sure your skin is well prepped, be consistent with exfoliating (whether it be with a physical or gentle exfoliating acids) and follow with a nourishing moisturiser/oil for plumper, more polished looking skin. You could consider introducing a retinol product into your routine, such as Rationale’s DNA Night Cream - great for cellular regeneration, firming and evening the skin tone.
2. Choose One Feature
There are no rules when it comes to makeup - but if you’re toying with the idea of a statement red wine lip and a bold smokey eye, I’d urge you to choose just one; they’ll be competing with each other - as well as your dress, and it will show in the photos.  
3. To Lash Or Not To Lash

The application of false lashes are a transformative addition to the detail of an eye and can be really effective in changing an eye shape. I use individual lashes in varying lengths, so I’m able to tailor every detail to my client’s eye, achieving effective, natural results that photograph amazingly. Think feminine, feathered lashes with a soft extension on the outer corners to pick the eye up. Drag-queen strip lashes should be avoided, as they can harshen even the softest look. Modelrock Lashes stock a great range of individual lashes. 
4. Lip Touch Ups
No happily-ever-after started with the significant other kissing the bride's crusty lips… organise to buy the same lip colour as your makeup artist will be using on the day (your bridal trial is an excellent time to discuss this) so you can continue to touch up throughout the night. Keep a hydrating lip balm handy in case your lipstick is drying or you want to add extra gloss to the look, Lanolips 101
Multipurpose Superbalm
is one my favourites. 
5. What If I Cry?
This is something I’m asked religiously throughout my wedding season. While I don’t want your makeup to be compromised, you should let yourself feel every emotion you want to - that’s the whole point of the day! I always brief my brides and bridesmaids to hold a folded tissue in their hand behind their bouquets while they walk down the aisle and stand for the ceremony, this way - you can catch the tear at the tear duct so it doesn’t run down the face and ruin your eye makeup or complexion. A generous spray of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is also a must for any bridal party. 

Images and text have been supplied by Sophia Pafitis.

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