State Of Reverie Studio: They make lovely things



In a world where overall appearance is everything, State Of Reverie Studio stand out from the crowd. As they say 'We Make Lovely Things', and this couldn't be truer than true.


Founded in 2017 by graphic designer and former marketing manager Emily Revell, this dynamic and progressive design studio focuses on designing harmonious and coordinating event stationery - everything from invites to on the day stationery and signage.

State Of Reverie Studio make event stationery so easy and effective, it really is your one-stop for everything.

Aside from their efficiency, State Of Reverie celebrate a non-traditional take on design; nothing is boring, nothing is plain, everything is designed with the utmost attention to detail with a focus on modernist, clean and refined designs.

State Of Reverie don't only work on weddings, they also work on corporate events, website design, branding as well as packaging.

We must say though, don't leave your decision to the last minute. They recommend placing your order around 6 months before the big day, to ensure all your stationery is designed and completed in time.

You can find State Of Reverie Studio on the Mr Theodore directory by clicking HERE.