Suiting Reimagined: A new class in customisation for both men and women



Gone are the days of dowdy ill fitting suits and off the rack purchases, there is a new era in suiting and we are absolutely here for it!

Words Lindsay Hirsch


From beige linen to Mohair dinner jackets, wedding suiting has somewhat evolved in recent times and it’s no surprise that both the Womens and Mens offering is outstanding. Whether it’s custom tailoring or personalised design you’re seeking, we’ve analysed the options to bring you the cream of the crop in wedding suiting.

BELANCĒ Tailoring

Defined by an infinity for luxe fabrications with an element of quirk, Belancē offers a plethora of luxe options so that you can find the perfect cloth to match your garment design. From staple suiting to luxurious dormeuil, there is an option fitting for all. Whether you’re the groomsman or a wedding guest, a trip to one of the Belancē Sydney showrooms is undeniably a must.


Carl Navè

Timeless and tailored to the individual, Carl Navè is an expert in his craft with over twenty years experience. Thoughtfully balancing the art of Italian design, bespoke techniques and textile expertise, Carl’s ability to craft pieces with an emphasis on style and fit is unparalleled. Set amid Melbourne’s Bourke street fashion precinct, booking a consultation to view the craftsmanship of these premium suits is seamless.

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Oscar Hunt Tailors

The team at Oscar Hunt sure knows how to schmooze, offering an unprecedented level of service in their Melbourne and Sydney Showrooms. The team will expertly guide you through an extensive range of European fabrics during your initial 1 hour appointment, carefully ascertaining your needs with a plethora of design options and guiding you to the perfect wedding day suit.

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Isadora Nim

Womens suiting at its finest, Isadora Nim is at the forefront of crafting elegant tailored suits through both customisation and made to measure suiting. Coming from a background in mens suiting, the team at Isadora Nim recognised the complexities in fitting a female figure and has seemingly perfected the craft. From corporate suiting to bridal attire, Isadora Nim works with women in tailoring pieces to best reflect personality and individuality through fashion. Based in Melbourne’s suburb of Fitzroy, Isadora Nim is a must see for women seeking elegantly tailored suiting.

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For those with a more try before you buy approach to suiting, Calibre is at the top of their game with over 30 years experience. A leading fashion brand offering a variety of suiting options of the highest calibre, available in boutiques throughout Australia. Calibre houses contemporary sharp suiting and well tailored garments that are sure to wow, a fitting option for guests and grooms alike.


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