A Guide To Summer Entertaining With Ed Dixon Food Design



"Another trend we’re seeing this season is a mash-up of cuisines – Korean, Japanese, Mexican, American BBQ – the traditional rules are being broken and the most delicious dishes are emerging."



Tamarind, lemongrass & sticky soy beef short rib or vine leaf wrapped barramundi?
From picturesque sunsets, to balmy evenings, summer is fast approaching and summer entertaining is certainly talk of the season. 

Whether it be wedding related, or because you purely love a good celebration, Mr Theodore sat down with the team at Ed Dixon Food Design and had them answer all of your summer entertaining related questions, from how to host to what to eat.


What style menus are we seeing? Is sharing still a popular option?
Our shared menus are our number one menu selection for weddings at the moment. The trend towards a more relaxed, social atmosphere at weddings means couples are opting for grazing tables, shared platters and dessert tables. 
There’s also a strong trend towards more rustic, ‘cucina povera’ style menus at the moment – although an Italian term, this concept of ‘peasants food’ translates globally. When you use beautiful seasonal produce and high quality products, menus don’t need to be overly complicated. Think slow cooked lamb shoulder, pork belly cubano toastie and a pan fried gnocchi romano

What’s happening this season? How are we entertaining our guests?
Over the last couple of years there’s been a huge shift in eating/entertaining towards shared style dining – this has made it’s way through restaurants and onto our tables at home. But we’re not complaining! This is actually a great way to entertain, taking the pressure off the host/cook as there’s a lot that can be done ahead of time, there’s variety for your guests and the kitchen is a part of the celebration!
As a result of this shared style of dining, we’re finding our clients have more adventurous palettes as the focus isn’t on one single main course – we’re seeing a lot more pork, shellfish and more unusual cuts of meat. We love this as it means we can use more cuts of meat, reducing environmental impact
Another trend we’re seeing this season is a mash-up of cuisines – Korean, Japanese, Mexican, American BBQ – the traditional rules are being broken and the most delicious dishes are emerging! From our menu you can see this in our Sushi Tacos and Asian Dog
One of the novelty food experiences at the moment is the DIY dish. People love the idea of building their own plates – whether it be a hot dog stand or a sundae bar, guests can pick and choose what they love to eat! 

What are some ways that couples who opt for a cocktail style wedding can still make an impression with their menu?
Grazing tables are always a spectacular addition to your menu and set-up. They look incredible but also provide a great addition to traditional style canapés. They can be tailored to provide a variety of options for vegetarians, or those who might have dietary requirements.

Big weddings or small intimate dinners?
We love both!
Big weddings are always such a wonderful, happy celebration and we are so passionate about bringing a couples vision to life. We really enjoy the scale of these events and it’s always a great opportunity to get all the team involved. And we love a huge dance floor!
Intimate dinners allow us to be super creative and create more complex, custom menus and events. We can experiment with new ideas and work with the client to cater to their guests tastes.

One thing every couples needs to include on their menu this season?
From the dining menu we love the; Tamarind, lemongrass & sticky soy beef short rib, sweet potato puree, black garlic, kimchi beans.
Vine leaf wrapped barramundi, cauliflower puree, turmeric cauliflower crumb, green olive, raisins, fried capers & crispy basil.
From the cocktail menu we love the; Spring pea minted mash, Persian feta, beetroot cracker, crunchy peas, snow pea tendrils.
Scallop ceviche & blue corn tostada, Amarillo chilli, finger lime, chorizo crumb. St Helen’s oyster, pisco sour, crispy dried lime.
And of course our famous chocolate fudge brownie – it’s one of our signature desserts and is always a huge hit.


Images supplied by Ed Dixon Food Design. 
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