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"For us, the number one Summer trend is lots of colour!! Pinks and reds teamed with peach and copious amounts of greenery".


Known for their use of colour and their vibrant creations, Ruby + James are not shy about pushing boundaries and creating a unique, personal style.

With summer at our doorsteps, we've sought expert advice from the styling duo on all things 'Summer Weddings'.

What is the number one styling trend for Summer weddings this year?
For us, the number one Summer trend is lots of colour!! Pinks and reds teamed with peach and copious amounts of greenery! Outdoor lighting will also play a huge part to bring that Summer party vibe to any wedding.  Our couples are also opting for the more laid back approach when it comes to catering; shared platters of delicious food for the guests to graze on. 

What's new since last season? Are there any new and exciting themes we are seeing, or ideas coming through?
So many exciting themes and elements are popping up all over the place!  We're seeing a lot more texture and layers when it comes to the table dressings, custom made napkins, leather elements and a lot more emphasis on floral design.  Flowers are such an art form on their own and can be styled in so many different shapes and forms.  

What about colour schemes, how are you working with colour this Summer?
We're using more bolder colours this Summer, mixed with softer tones in the same colour palette.  We're also in love with tan at the moment, it literally goes with every colour palette imaginable!  Monochrome is still playing a huge part in our Summer weddings when it comes to the other styling elements such as stationery and signage. 

As for the iconic arch. We’ve seen everything from geometrical shapes to heavily flowered asymmetric archways. What’s new? And how can couples create something different?
This is the one aspect of a wedding day we love coming up with new and exciting concepts compared to your typical arch.  It's a way to make your wedding a little more personal and unique and stand out from the rest!  
We have some exciting concepts evolving, which include perspex, wild moody greenery, custom neon signs and  lots of natural surrounding elements for our outdoor weddings.  As always, an abundance of candles for that intimate and romantic feeling.  For any couple wanting to create something different, inspiration is everywhere, it can be as bold and crazy to as simple as you want it to be.  

One thing every couple needs to include in their weddings this season?
Custom signage...this is an element we include into every one of our weddings, that not only reflects the style of our couples but gives their wedding that really special and personal touch.  There are no rules what they can say either!

And finally, sum up your signature style, what can couples expect from working with you?
Our style is constantly evolving with each wedding we work on, but if we had to put it into words…it would be edgy yet romantic.  We try and reflect each couples style and story with each wedding, they will just always have that Ruby + James feel to it....right down to the attention to detail of fluffing the pillows on the sofas.

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