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Renowned for emotional storytelling and the ability to capture the raw emotion, this week Mr Theodore chats with Lochlan Tangas from Tango Films.



Tell us about yourself and your early days starting out as a videographer? 

I've always been attracted to gadgets. As a youngster, I loved my digital watches, TV's and surround sound systems. At school, just like my father, I was great at maths and accounting, although it didn't excite me very much.  I knew I liked digital media and was good at problem solving but wasn't sure how to turn them into a career. It took a few more years to actually figure that out and pursue my dreams as a filmmaker. TANGO FILMS was born.

What lead you into the world of weddings?

It all started when I was approached to film a Bat Mitzvah for a Jewish family whose daughter was turning 12. I'd never filmed an event but thoroughly enjoyed it.  The feedback I got from the parents on the video I had produced and the appreciation of my efforts felt good and I wanted to do more.  I then got the opportunity to film a wedding in 2013. I wasn't feeling too confident about it, but I said yes. It was incredible, challenging and fun. 

When did Tango Films start?


What’s unique about Tango Films and why do you differ from any other videographer?

I believe that we are renowned for our emotional storytelling. Not only do we have experience in cinematography and use various techniques to capture beautiful visual content, but also spend 30-50 hours in the editing suite per short film to piece together a couple's love story.  We don't simply pluck the best looking frames from the day and apply a music track, edit it overnight and send it to the couple as a 'highlight'.  We want to provide our clients with a short feature film, documenting the love on their special day with each other and their loved ones. It's not just about the two who are getting married, it's also about everyone who is present.

What can our couples expect having you film their wedding? 

They can expect to make new friends as if the regular professional/client barrier doesn't even exist. Filming can be intimidating with complete strangers, so from the outset we start to form the friendship ensuring that when the wedding day arrives, we rock up full of excitement giving big hugs and high fives. It's more fun that way. This is our lives and weekends are dedicated to the couples, so we want to have the best experience with them and their guests. The closer we become, the better the results.

Mr Theodore - Tango Films - Bek Smith

What’s important to you when it comes to capturing someone's big day?

Basically we want to reproduce the genuine feel of the day's events by capturing emotions in motion. It's important for us to engage with everyone to really get an insight into their relationships with the couple and to record the memories as they unfold. To get that close we essentially become one of the guests and won't say no to a few cheeky moves on the dancefloor.

Any big plans for you personally or from Tango Films in the future?

We have broken into the 'destination wedding' market with recent opportunities to fly around Australia and overseas. It's a real honor when couples from different locations find you on google and love the films so much that they want to fly you over and capture their love story. More of that please.

Tango Films comes highly recommended as Lochlan was responsible for capturing the wedding of Mr Theodore's founder.  View Below. 

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