The Anatomy Of A Flower



"I put an emphasis on the romanticism of flowers."


She has been voted Brisbane’s top wedding florist with her ‘dark romantic’ signature look and this week Kim Brindell, founder of Brisbane florist Anatomy Of Flowers, took some time out to give Mr Theodore a small insight into her world of flowers. Kim delves into upcoming trends and shares with us a secret or two about what makes her tick.


Tell us a little about Anatomy Of Flowers? When and why did you start?
I was actually inspired by a Floral Designers’ instagram (@MiVioleta) I happened to stumble across and signed up for a floristry course a couple of weeks later! I studied at a private floristry college in Melbourne for 2 years and was lucky enough to get the opportunity of do the flowers for a friends wedding, since then I’ve never looked back.

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What’s your favourite thing about working with flowers?
Definitely sourcing and working with unique varieties that people haven’t seen before. Flowers are such a beautifully delicate and perishable product to work with, they really make you stop and appreciate nature.

Tell us about your signature style? What can brides and grooms expect when choosing you?
I’ve recently had a friend describe my style as ‘dark romantic’ which I loved the sound of! I do put an emphasis on the romanticism of flowers and the vibe they bring to weddings. There is nothing better than when a couple present you with an out of the box idea that you have to bring to life!

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What’s your favourite floral trend for the upcoming season?
OMBRE! Some amazing European florists are doing it on large scales at the moment and it is so effective! Such an interesting way to appreciate tone and colour.

What flower are we going to see a lot of this season?
Well it’s every florist's favourite season, Spring! I think Spring is all about colour and texture, I wouldn't put it down to a specific flower (although it’s almost peony season for all of you peony lovers out there!).

Images supplied by Kim of Anatomy Of Flowers. You can see more of Anatomy Of Flowers on Mr Theodore by clicking here.