You'll Want This Team To Film Your Wedding


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In our modern age, a beautifully captured wedding film is no longer a fantasy, but instead, a reality.


Moon & Back's superb take on wedding cinematography is undoubtedly a magnificent work of art, turning the most special day of your life into an eternally treasured memory.

For generations to come, your loved ones will be able to relive the joyus moments of your wedding day, witnessing the raw emotion of your special day over and over again. 

Moon & Back take pride in creating some of Australia’s most prestigious wedding films, traveling to exotic and renowned locations all over the world to ensure your wedding day gets captured in a radiance that it deserves.

Here is a look at some of the most outstanding wedding films we at Mr Theodore have seen. The team at Moon & Back, continually striving to bring you the ultimate in wedding cinematography.


Julia And Hassan


Monica and Stephen


Steph and Claire


Lauren And Tom


Fiona And Finian

All films created by Moon & Back and used with permission. Find Moon & Back on Mr Theodore.