Wedding films with Moment Seeker Films


If there is one thing that we genuinely recommend investing in for your wedding day is a cinematically captured wedding film, a film that captures all those precious memories of your special day, those moments that slip past in a blink of an eye, yet the moments and memories that should live on forever.


A wedding film is certainly one of the top priority recommendations we make, why? because you will forever be able to relive the moments that just don't quite come to life in a photographer, and the moments that you somewhat forget about amongst the happenings of your wedding day. The story of your day is such a special one, and take it from us, you will want to curl up on the couch once you return from your honeymoon and relive it all again. 

And who to capture your wedding day I hear you asking? Moment Seeker Films.
They approach wedding cinematography in a way that is humble, mesmerising and truly remarkable, turning your wedding day into a lifetime of memories that can be shared for generations to come.

Moment Seeker Films are known for their emotional approach, and their vast attention to detail, capturing everything from that simple little happy tear trickling down your cheek, to the loving glance that grandma gives you whilst you say your vows. And then the bigger moments, that grand entrance you have been dreaming up for months, and that minute or two of the first dance that you nervously rehearsed around the kitchen table the night before your wedding

If you want the memories of your special day to be shared not only between the two of you but also by your nearest and dearest and for generations to come, Moment Seeker Films are the ones for you. 

The way they capture weddings stirs up emotions, so get a tissue (or a tissue box) prepared before you get through this lot of films.


Moment Seeker Films, find them on the Mr Theodore directory by clicking HERE