What's happening with wedding flowers?



Floral styling has evolved more significantly perhaps than any other element of the wedding industry.

Words Lindsay Hirsch


Gone are the days of the perfectly rounded bouquet of blush roses, floral styling has developed as a fine art of its own, with an influx of incredibly talented florist to make your wedding styling dreams come to life.

We’ve created an edit of our favourite floral trends of 2019, sharing with you some of the most talented artists in the industry.



Perfectly Imperfect

Juxtaposing perfect florals in authentically dishevelled arrangements is one of the most popularly emerging trends of 2019. Perfectly crafted roses and orchids, thoughtfully placed into artfully structural arrangements, both creative and elegant. While there are many florists inspiring this trend, we’re endless drawn to the work of Ruby + James, developing innovative concepts and mastering the perfect juxtaposition of colour and texture through each and every arrangement.

All images:  Ruby + James

All images: Ruby + James



Minimalist Table Arrangements

Think singular florals sporadically peppered along guest tables and elevated with gold accents. For this trend we love the introduction of statement ceramic or crystal cylinder vases and a singular colour pallet. Take inspiration from the likes of Bloom Boy, Cecilia Fox and Flowers Vasette featured below.

MINIMALIST Bloom Boy.png
Images:  Bloom Boy

Images: Bloom Boy

Image:  Cecilia Fox


Pastel Palette

From pastel pink to pastel blue, these dreamy floral palettes are becoming a huge part of bridal styling in 2019. Pair pastel accents with foraged wildflowers or muted natives to accentuate feature florals. We look toward Prunella and Flowers Vasette for endless inspiration when it comes to the perfect pastel.

PASTEL prunella 2.jpg
PASTEL prunella 3.jpg
Images:  Prunella

Images: Prunella



Bursts of Colour

We are loving the return of colour to wedding florals, particularly in a variety of bright blush hues. From Magenta to rose, pink is having its moment, particularly when paired with textural juxtaposition for the ultimate bridal bouquet. Find inspiration from the likes of Cecilia Fox, Prunella and Flowers Vasette pictured below, who perfectly pair pops of colour for impact.

Images:  Cecilia Fox

Images: Cecilia Fox

Image:  Prunella

Image: Prunella



Dried Arrangements

Dried floral arrangements have quickly become a favourite, featuring pampas grass, strategically cropped leaves and often gold accents. Think wildflowers and palm fronds for a perfectly put together earthen look. We love the contradictory addition of roses to a dried arrangements, drawing out the beige hues. Images via Pinterest.

Images: Pinterest

Images: Pinterest


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