‘Wedding Photographer of the Year’: Kelly Tunney



‘I love to tell the stories of people, how they were brought together, who they have become as a couple’. Kelly Tunney

Words Lindsay Hirsch


No one captures emotion quite like Kelly Tunney , a genuine connection that is entirely unparalleled and undeniably magnetic. Kelly’s work has an air of ease, a lightness that so effortlessly evokes feelings of pure amazement. Through the use of mood lighting and a subtlety in moments, each image is truely a memory to be cherished.

An intrepid creative, Kelly Tunney is dedicated to the stories that live within the smallest of details, allowing the unexpected to magnify her creativity. Describing her work as candid, honest, fearless and warm, Kelly’s photography serves as a window to how she views the world. Endlessly seeking inspiration from her surrounds, from a breath taking landscape to a unique location, Kelly has photographed weddings both near and far, based in Australia and having captured the celebrations of happy couples in Greece, Italy, London, Fiji and Singapore. It is no surprise her work is so highly regarded, being awarded ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year’ at the recent Australian Institute of Professional Photography awards, an accolade that is no easy feat.

A scroll through Kelly’s Instagram feed is sure to inspire the creativity of each and every couple. Stealing moments, from the first kiss, to the veil taking flight, or the overwhelming emotions of the wedding guests, each element of your day will be cherished. Photographing your day un-intrusively and seamlessly, the depth of each and every image will evoke overwhelming joy. A gallery of wedding photographs brimming with memories that will long live on in frames.

Kelly Tunney creates with heart, getting to know the happy couple personally, a connection which enables her to imagine their future together. Envisioning a picture frame hung perfectly on the wall of their family home in 50 years time, sharing a memory that will be passed on with generations to come. Her unparalleled ability to intimately relate with the couples she works with is the roots of her magical art and we cannot recommend Kelly highly enough.

We suggest reaching out to Kelly Tunney for a truely memorable experience on your wedding day.


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