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Gone are the days of pre-designed wedding invitations where it was all about 'filling in the blanks'. Wedding stationery introduces the tone for your special day, and the importance of a beautiful wedding invitation shouldn't be underestimated as for most of your guests, this is the first glimpse at your big day.


LAVA Stationery specialises in custom design as they understand that no two weddings are the same.

Taking pride in being part of your special day, Lava from LAVA Stationery will create wedding stationery that best reflects you as a couple.

This week, Mr Theodore spoke the Lava to gain an insight into the process of wedding stationery and what she can offer all couples.

Tell us a little about LAVA stationery and how you came to be?

I began designing greeting cards at the age of 7. My grandmother was a huge source of inspiration to me and we spent most weekends doing arts and crafts together. I pursued my love of design at University, completing a Bachelor's Degree and Masters in Digital Media. I worked hard in a retail job during this time to save funds to start my own wedding stationery business, which launched online in December 2010. Since then, I have been helping couples create their own beautiful stationery sets for weddings and all their meaningful events afterward.

What is truly unique about LAVA stationery?

I love having a personal connection with my couples. Getting to know you and your style is very important to me. I have gained friendships with many of my couples because of this and have continued to be a part of their lives years after their wedding.

What style of stationery are you known for?

Destination weddings, garden weddings, laid back and smart casual.

How long before the wedding do you suggest couples get in touch?

The best time to get in touch is 3 months to 1 year before the wedding date. However, I also urge my couples to get in touch ANY time before their wedding. I like to help my couples relieve their stress as much as possible. So if your wedding is in 6 weeks and you need invites sent within 2 weeks, don’t hesitate to ask for my help!

Are you online, or do couples go to you direct?

Both. I’m mainly online but if you want to meet up for a chat, please get in touch.

Do you offer everything from invitation sets to place cards and signage?

YES. Everything including guest books.

What is an average spend look like for you?

$800 usually covers your entire invitation set and some reception stationery. Speciality printing can bring the price up.

And finally in one sentence, how would you sum up the overall vibe of a LAVA stationery set?

FUN. Custom designed for your own personality. Can be modern, can be traditional, can be floral and laid back. It’s up to you.

You can find LAVA Stationery and view more of her designs on the Mr Theodore directory, just CLICK HERE.


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