White Vine Photography: The Wedding Photography Duo You Need To Keep Your Eyes On



From the moment you cast your eyes over the wedding photography of White Vine Photography, you can see the joy, the happiness, the love - all the raw emotion you expect to see in wedding photos.


Daniel & Alexandra are the duo behind the emerging Australian wedding photography brand White Vine Photography, and there is no question as to why every one of their photographs draws us in. The smooth, sophisticated style of their photography and their signature black and white images makes their work so timeless, an alluring style consistent throughout all the weddings they photograph. 

Their relaxed attitude attracts brides and grooms from all over the world, it's the kind of attitude and enthusiasm you expect from your wedding photographer. And then, in return, you receive these extraordinary photographs, wedding photos that you will treasure for a lifetime and share for generations to come. That's what you want with wedding photography; you want future generations to look at them and sense the magic that was within your special day. 

Aside from their striking wedding photography, Daniel and Alexandra's strong passion for Marriage Equality saw them as avid advocates during last years Marriage Equality postal survey and the way the Australian wedding industry has finally evolved excites them both.

White Vine Photography continues to develop and grow, certainly a photography duo you must keep your eyes on, and when the time comes, the couple that will photograph your wedding in a style that you will always cherish.

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