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Suiting Reimagined: A new class in customisation for both men and women

Gone are the days of dowdy ill fitting suits and off the rack purchases, there is a new era in suiting and we are absolutely here for it! Whether it’s custom tailoring or personalised design you’re seeking, we’ve analysed the options to bring you the cream of the crop in wedding suiting.

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La Bella Donna: A new collection by Chosen By One Day Bridal

Shot amongst the enchanting landscape of Capri, Italy, the raw European island was the perfect backdrop for this diverse and inspiring collection, La Bella Donna, by Chosen By One Day.

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BELANCE Tailoring: Defining true gentleman style

BELANCE Tailoring is a made-to-measure service born out of a necessity for something better. They implement their own design and tailoring techniques in order to create their garments, and every garment design is unique to the customer who wears it.

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