Justin Aaron

Justin Aaron
Australia Wide


With a contemporary, artful and documentary approach to photography, Justin Aaron is interested in making photographs that are simple, elegant and emotive. He strives to keep honesty and integrity in any given frame.

Residing in the relaxed coastal city of Newcastle, Justin documents beautiful weddings, the country and world over. He is an architecture fanatic and thrives off travel and exploration.

Justin is passionate about documenting moments that are unique to you as a couple, allowing you to recognise yourself in the moment. Drawing from each scene a classic elegance, Justin’s images artfully capture what it felt like to be there on your wedding day, allowing the images to ability to continue the experience in to the future.

Justin is drawn to such things that are of a fine quality, are timeless, honest, classic, and those things that have an unexplainable “wabi-sabi” about them. It is these qualities that Justin aims to bring to his photography and your wedding day.


Images courtesy of Justin Aaron.