Hobart, TAS


A totally world-famous museum, perched on a river, accessible by giant camouflaged catamaran, encircled by a vineyard, and with its own two wineries and a brewery. Not to mention the highs (and lows) of owner David Walsh’s $300 million collection of Instagrammable bits and bobs (aka art and ancient artefacts from around the globe).

Does Mona do weddings, you ask? Good lord, yes. Sure, the museum comes up nicely in the photos, and yes there are heaps of alarmingly good-looking spaces for weddings to invade (both big and small, inside the museum and out), but it’s actually the food and wine where Mona can really take things up a notch—if you're up for it. There’s chef-hatted haute cuisine, award-winning libations from crack cocktail-ologists (not a word), an obscenely deep wine list (with over 3000 options), and a well-drilled team of smiling Mona-philes who would love nothing more than to help you throw the party of your life.