Rita Cohann

Rita Cohann
Melbourne, VIC


Do you dream of your wedding day, envision your ceremony, and stop and think, “How can I make this happen?” Well, good news, so do I!

As a self-confessed ‘people person’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’, being a Civil Celebrant is my dream job. For me, having the privilege to marry two people who love each other more than anything else on the planet is the most inspiring, fulfilling, heaps of fun and full-of-surprises job I could ever imagine.

Being a Celebrant allows me to use all of the skills and talents I’ve honed through rewarding careers in my working life. I’ve been involved with the Education, Entertainment and Corporate Training sectors, all of which I draw from to give my couples the beautiful wedding ceremonies they deserve.

I value and understand the importance of professionalism, while also understanding how important it is to breathe fun and romance into such a special moment in time.


Images courtesy of Rita Cohann.

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