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Steph Wallis Photography
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Hi, I’m Steph, or Phee as my family like to call me. I am easy-going, warm, and I have a confession: I never wanted to get into wedding photography. I assumed weddings would be full of groomzillas and bridezillas, but once I started photographing weddings six years ago I realised how misguided I was, because my couples are the most relaxed, loving people, and their wedding days are the most fun ever.

I love to capture my couples and their loved ones in a way that is warm, honest and full of emotion. I don’t need to stage anything - wedding days are already full of so many laughs, messy hugs and tears that I find I can just capture honest moments that I witness as the day unfolds. 

Think of me as a friendly, warm-hearted little ninja who is in the background capturing all of those moments that people might otherwise miss.  A friendly little ninja who loves people, connection, and kick-arse light. (And puppies. Let’s not forget puppies).


Images courtesy of Steph Wallis.