Tess Follett


Tess Follett Photography
Australia Wide

I love to document love. It makes me feel ridiculously happy, and I aim to make the couples I work with feel ridiculously happy, too. Each wedding is unique, and each couple has their own story to tell. I don’t try to direct the action. I just try to capture the story as it unfolds.

My idea of a perfect shot is one taken when the couple exchanges a nervous giggle or sideways glance. Weddings can be such a whir of emotions and activity, and I like to remind the couple to consciously take a moment to hold each other and be present.

My absolute favourite moment at a wedding is when the couple have just walked down the aisle for the first time after exchanging their vows. There is a moment of sheer exhilaration as they exchange a ‘WOW, we’re married!’ look. It makes my heart inflate like a balloon every time.

My style is natural, raw and unrehearsed. I like to laugh, chat and make people feel relaxed as I snap away so that I can capture them being themselves acting purely, joyfully and honestly. I walk away from each wedding feeling like I’ve made new friends, and I know my clients feel the same way too. 


Images courtesy of Tess Follett.