White Vine Photography


White Vine Photography

Have you ever sat down in a dedicated moment & listened to the quiet yearnings of your heart?  We have, as we're sure you have too. Many times. But have you ever tuned in to your heart's wishes and promised that they will be met?

We did. And what we heard brought us to where we are today, Wedding Photographers because our hearts want love, in all it's colours and dimensions. At weddings we are invited into the universe of love between two people. There is no greater privilege. 

Our goal is to capture love where ever the road leads us and that could be anywhere in the World. Endless possibilities. Life is what we make of it and we choose it to be about love; at home in Melbourne & anywhere in the world!

Captivated by subtle and fine details, moody tones and the heartfelt human expressions which glitter throughout celebrations of love, we translate wedding day whirlwinds into simple, detailed and alluring sensory experiences. We invite you to relive all that is was in frames of timeless magic.

- Daniel & Alexandra


Images courtesy of White Vine Photography.