Ben and Ryan: Married in the Nevada Desert



These super cool dudes tied the knot by eloping in the Nevada Desert, USA (how cool is that), after having dated for close to 9 years. “Just us two, lots of laughs, a beautiful, relaxed setting, and fabulous tuxedos” was all these gents needed for their big day, and what a spectacular day it was.

Ben and Ryan delve into the details of their love story and elopement below.

Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | Photographer Aimlee Photography

Tell us about how and when you first met? We met online 9 years ago, back on the evening of the 16th of October 2009.

Tell us a little about the early days of your relationship... We have a great relationship. It started off slow, as one of us was 'still figuring things out / in the closet', but as things progressed it became more evident that we were in love and meant to be together. Naturally, this came out to our friends & family.... and so did we. They accepted our love with open arms, our “families” became our “family”.

Give us a rundown of the proposal… Unfortunately, it’s not that romantic. We are both planners (control freaks), it started out as a conversation, followed by a cheeky... “will you marry Ted? (Bens nickname)” and of course the answer was YES.

When was the wedding? We actually eloped in our most favourite place, the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas, on Tuesday 18th of September 2018 at precisely 5:45pm. It was an intimate party of 2 (the two of us) with our officiant and photographer.

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How long did you give yourself to plan your wedding? We began planning our elopement in February, so approximately 7 months. However, with zero guests, it was a pretty simple process.

What was of ultimate importance for you and your elopement? Just us two, lots of laughs, a beautiful, relaxed setting, and fabulous tuxedos.

What was the one thing that you just had to have and wouldn't compromise on? A great photographer!

Where did you find the bulk of your inspiration? Pinterest! There are some amazing pictures of a couple who got married in Vegas (the girl has pink hair, white sneakers and a silver sequin dress, you can't miss them, I believe they are Aussie too), they ran around Vegas drinking champagne from the bottle being totally in love. Their pictures sold us on Vegas… it was that cool.

How did you choose your suppliers? I found Victoria (Flora Pop) on Instagram when looking around for “pop up weddings in Vegas”. We wanted a desert ceremony, and that’s her speciality. In fact, she will pop up wherever you want her to, she is super easy and very cool. Victoria recommended a few photographers that she works with regularly and Aimlee’s style was a standout.

What was the most difficult thing about planning your elopement? Nothing, it was super easy. If I had to pick one, I’d say the choice of shoe... stereotypical much?

What is one suggestion that you would give to other couples planning their wedding? Stick to your pre-wedding diet, (we didn’t!). Have fun, smile and focus on your partner - it goes so quick.

Any advice for other couples thinking about eloping? Don’t feel selfish eloping. The announcement is so special, seeing those reactions of your loved ones. Plus, you can throw a killer cocktail party when you return. Additionally, some people think that elopements are tacky, we think the opposite. There is nothing more intimate than being with the person you are marrying, zero concern about hosting, seating plans, dietary requirements, parents-in-law (hehe). A wedding is about two people, two people in attendance just makes sense.


Photographer Aimlee Photography

Venue Dry Lake Bed, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Suits Instichu

Flowers Cultivate Goods

Car American Rambler

Celebrant Flora Pop